Some Of The Best Lakes In India That Is Worth Visiting

Some Of The Best Lakes In India That Is Worth Visiting

India has numbers of great and beautiful lakes as well as waterways that spreads throughout the country. The Lake spreads from the northwestern part of Kashmir to the southwest part of the coast of Malabar from the illustrious Rajasthan going to the eastern Himalayan district of Assam. The lakes may be separated into different kinds, for example, the man-made lake and nature lake, but then again, the natural lake can still be separated as the freshwater lake as well as the brackish water lakes wherein some of the lakes in India are fresh water lakes. The serenity, solitude as well as peace is just some of the traits that you will surely love about the lakes in India. The Musafir coupons for domestic flights will take you to some of the most famous lakes in the country.

Wular Lake Jammu & Kashmir

This is by far considered as the biggest fresh water lakes in Asia. It is located in Bandipora, which is a region in Jammu & Kashmir. It is also the biggest lake in India. The green water of the lake is very important for the environment, because the fish along with the rich population of the birds and other natural life feeds on it. There are also big number of people living on the shores and they depend much on fishing to be able to earn a living. Tourists can do with water fun activities here like boating, skiing and others. This lake is very calm, though there are times when it blow up too. The Musafir coupon codes can be of help to those who are looking for a discounted trip.

Loktak Lake Manipur

The biggest freshwater lake in the northeastern part of India is the Loktak Lake in Manipur. It is an outskirt under the Nagaland, which is the state of Manipur that is portrayed as the Gem of the East. This is popular and is called the floating lake in the world because of its floating phumdis. It is rich in vegetation, the soil is rich and there are floating islands too. It has the perfect site of a paradise wherein you will be amazed with its incomparable beauty. It was known as the old lake and it has a role to play in the economy of Manipur. You can check some of the Musafir offers to get help and great deals for your next trip to Manipur to witness the breathtaking views it posses.

Damdama Lake Haryana

It is considered as one of the best weekend getaway in Delhi, the lake that formed when the stone as well as the earthen dam progress by the British in 1947. It is by far one of the greatest natural lakes in the Haryana. It is located nearby the Aravli Hills and is among the best for those who are fond of bungee jumping, rock climbing, boating and other adventure activities. This place is best to visit during summer, because you will get to spend more time enjoying the fun filled activities this place can offer.

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