What Makes Delhi Such A Fascinating City?

The capital city of India is a popular city worldwide. Currently making news for all the wrong reasons for being the most polluted city in the world, there is no denying the fascination that surrounds the city that draws in a huge crowd of people each year from all over the world. This article talks about the things that makes Delhi a fascinating city.

What Makes Delhi Such A Fascinating City?

Delhi is the highlight to every tourists tour in India. It is a mix bag of the old and new. It clearly has two contrasting sides to the city even divided geographically which makes it very easy for anyone while planning their trip. They can stay on either side of the side depending on their purpose of visit. A visit to Delhi is like going trick or treating during Halloween. You know you have two options at hand but just like you never know what kind of candy you will get, the experience of each depends on their own.

The fascination of the city can also be seen in the large number of flights flowing in from all over the world on a daily basis. New Delhi is the main centre where most of the top international airline operate most in India. Also the starting and ending destination of most tourists, Delhi also caters to a huge number of domestic flights on a regular basis with Delhi to Mumbai flight being the most travelled route daily. From Old Delhi’s rich assortment of historical sites left behind from the Mughal times to the towering corporate offices, shopping complexes and modern pubs and urban villages of New Delhi, the city has something for everyone looking to have a good time in the city. Here is a brief rundown on on what makes Delhi such a fascinating city in the eyes of many.

A food paradise – If you love good food, you will fall in love with Delhi immediately. Here, you will get the taste of the authentic Punjabi dishes cooked in the proper way. From succulent kebabs and tandooris from the dhabas and perfectly cooked steaks in fine dining restaurants to the best street food you can find anywhere in the country. You can also visit Dilli haat, where there is a stall representing every state in India, each offering its own taste and flavour.

A sheer shopping delight – Be it the best fashion brands or designer wears, Delhi has the best and the latest before it reaches any part of India. Some of the biggest chains have made their presence in India felt by setting up their first shop in Delhi. Delhi also has a good number of markets for street shopping. These shopping markets have the trendiest apparels to the latest fashion accessories.

Never ending sightseeing options – If your main purpose of visit to India is for the sake of sightseeing, look for an accommodation in the Northern part of Delhi. That is the older part of the city where most ofthe iconic landmarks and monuments can be found. There is a never ending supply of sights you can feast your eyes on.

Great pub scene – Delhi has the proper pub scene. Apart from the few loud nightclubs, Delhiites normally love soft music playing in the background while they sip on some beer as they discuss on random stuff. The music scene is great in Delhi and most of the pubs have live music playing by the house band or invitees. Open mics and karaokes are also a common ordeal in Delhi which adds to its charm.

This exciting city is often compared to Mumbai but the fact remains that both the cities have their own charm and it is unfair to judge them on few grounds. You can book a ticket to one of the Delhi to Mumbai flights and compare it for yourself, but to be fair, only after you have thoroughly explore both cities equally.

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