The Importance Of A Lifesaver Jerrycan For Expeditions

The Importance Of A Lifesaver Jerrycan For Expeditions

When you are travelling overland on an expedition, camping or field trip, you can’t always be sure you will have access to clean, safe drinking water. Local municipal water cannot always be trusted, while the water from rivers, streams and other natural water courses will often carry potentially harmful and life-threatening bacteria, viruses, cysts and parasites. Some of the bugs which lurk in such water sources can survive and make you ill even after boiling, which is why access to a filtered jerrycan is so important.

An Essential Piece of Kit

When it comes to planning for an expedition, nobody wants to put their safety or the wellbeing of their team at risk. Alongside packing all the necessary clothing and equipment, it is vital that anyone going off-grid considers how easy it will be to access clean drinking water. Even the most experienced of trekkers can find themselves in serious difficulties if a water source they were going to rely on becomes contaminated, dries up or is inaccessible for any other reason. Ensuring you have a portable, readily accessed source of water is critical, especially in remote areas where help is not easily summoned and supplies not easily bought.

Delivering up to 20,000 litres of purified water, Lifesaver jerrycans can hold 18 litres at a time and are ideal for group use. The cans are robust enough to stand up to the rigours of overland trekking and heavy use, yet lightweight and portable enough that they won’t slow you down on your travels. Fully tested by BCS laboratories and passing the most stringent of assessments, the water which passes through the Lifesaver’s unique filtration systems is cleaned to such a high degree that it can be consumed in perfect safety and can also be used in food preparation, cooking and washing.

We stock two different Lifesaver cans, but while the sizes remain the same, the filtration capacity differs. A 10000UF jerrycan is able to filter up to 10,000 litres of water, while the 20000UF jerrycan manages double that volume. With their ultra filtration Lifesaver technology, both are able to remove bacteria to a minimum of Log 6, viruses to Log 4 and cysts to a minimum of Log 3, leaving you with water which is almost completely purified and perfectly safe to drink. Another advantage to the advanced filtration system is that there is no need for nasty tasting chemicals such as chlorine or chlorine dioxide, so the water you consume is fresh and palatable.

Be Prepared

Wherever you are planning on exploring, make sure you put access to clean drinking water at the top of your priority list. By purchasing one of these jerrycans you are taking a proactive step towards ensuring you and your team are as safe, fit and healthy as you can be, minimising the risk of serious illness. The success of your expedition or field trip is entirely down to good forward planning, so purchase a Lifesaver jerrycan to ensure safety and success.

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