The Importance Of Health and Mental State

The Importance Of Health and Mental State

Health is wealth is a common saying. There is nothing more precious and valuable as a good body and mind. A person with a healthy body will have to think positive. Will optimistic perspective towards life and take on all the challenges of life with all its strength and energy. Moreover a person unfit body will have negative vibes. He cannot think positive and always look at the dark side of history. Good health is a blessing and should be kept by the people of each and every age group.

According to the definition of the World Health Organization Health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity in the human body, but also includes social and mental health of the person. Self-care is the most important thing. To maintain the physical health of a person has to adopt different strategies that become part of their curriculum. Child health can maintain proper hygiene, proper vaccination and healthy eating food that provide all the vitamins, minerals and supplements to body. People in their teens have to take care of your body by itself does not engage in activities such as drinking, drug addiction or smoking any. He has to keep your body fit and fine by exercising and eating healthy fruit. People in their growing years have to take more precautions. He needs to exercise and eat things that can be easily digested and provides all the essential nutrients for the body because it is the time when many diseases such as weakening of bones, vision loss, menopause in women and loosening Teeth happen.

As stated earlier health encompasses not only physical health, but also includes emotional and mental. A person with a strong social interaction and the company will have the happy life that keep at bay the mind of thoughts and unhealthy behaviours. This is due to the fact that positive social interaction increases the levels of many chemicals in the brain that are related to personality traits and intelligence. People working in a good environment will lead a stress free life. Stress is the main culprit that puts a disastrous impact on the body and mind. As far as possible, the person should try to avoid stress and if the need arises, then it must follow relaxation techniques. Therefore, we can say that in the healthy body and mind is synonymous with long life and happiness.

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