Hate Cooking – Make Your Kitchen A Better Place

Hate Cooking – Make Your Kitchen A Better Place

If you are also one of those who hate entering the kitchen or spending hours to cook food. Your family may suffer being unhappy and unsatisfied. But, it’s not you to be blamed every time. Your kitchen might be a real culprit. You have to keep juggling to find the right things in one attempt, find less space to cook food and do the preparations as well as your kitchen is not attractive enough to bind you with.

These might be the reasons you hate kitchen but you may not know. If you feel, it is something else which keeps you away from the kitchen other than your interest then fix it right away and make your kitchen a better place. Let’s discuss some tips to make you love your kitchen and make a way to the heart of your family members through their belly.


An organized kitchen makes cooking a fun. It saves a lot of time and also streamlines the cooking thereby getting the food prepared perfectly. Keep all the ingredients in transparent containers, keep all size of containers according to the quality of stuff you use.
Hate Cooking – Make Your Kitchen A Better Place

Make a proper place for everything even refrain from mixing spoons, forks and butter knives. Keep the things you need most at the places where you can take conveniently from like sugar, salt, oil, and spice box. Give a quick glance at kitchen section of online stores to have an idea for better organizers. You can also save some money using flipkart discount coupons to purchase kitchen essentials while organizing your kitchen.


Clutter in your kitchen occupies a lot of space making cooking a hustle. Take out the mixer grinder which you don’t use now, the extra or old trays, cups & mugs, expired pickle or jam bottles, and more than enough utensils if you have. Such useless things make your kitchen look stuffed unnecessarily.

Waste Disposal

Kitchen is the place where you frequently need to trash. Keep a separate dustbin for kitchen and don’t forget to place a dustbin bag in it to keep it clean since the garbage in the kitchen is not dry always. Change the dustbin bag every day to maintain the hygiene in the kitchen.

Personalized Kitchen

Kitchen is the place where a homemaker spends a lot of time every day. So, make it personalized for yourself. Stick some posters and place wall hangings. Paint the kitchen in your favourite colour.
Hate Cooking – Make Your Kitchen A Better Place

Love your Kitchen

It’s really very difficult to love your kitchen until you stick to all these tips. You can find interesting posters and hangings online as well while saving money using coupons like Pepperfry coupons and others. You would find really interesting and beautiful things to organize and beautify your kitchen.

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