How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for the Summer Holiday While Following the Candida Diet

If you must adhere to the Candida diet for the benefit of your health, then you are probably aware of how difficult it can be to stay within such strict guidelines, especially when everyone around you is enjoying the off-limit foods you crave. Summertime is upon us, and for many, that means vacation. While just the mention of vacation is enough to send most people into a happy daydream, the thought of vacation might be different altogether for those who are on the Candida diet. If you find yourself wondering how you will make it through the summer holidays while following the Candida diet, then you could benefit from some mental preparation.

Study Restaurant Menus Before you go Out.

It’s likely that you will eat out a lot more often during the summer holidays than you normally would. When in the restaurant environment and studying a menu for the very first time, it can be extremely difficult to decide how best to order. The all-too easy temptation is to just give up and order whatever you want. To avoid this Candida diet killer, find the restaurant menu online before you go out. Study the menu items to determine exactly what you should order (and/or what substitutions you might need to ask for) before you’re in the restaurant’s fragrant dining area.

Recruit a Support Group.

Let those around you know about your commitment to the diet. Recruit the people you love and feel closest to for support. Tell them about the difficulties you face, especially during the summer holidays, when it comes to sticking with your diet, and ask that they be there for you whenever you have a weak moment. Once you have your support group in place, make use of it! Check in often to share your experiences, ask for backup, or even just vent.

Alleviate Stress to Boost Morale and Lower Temptation.

You’re doing something very difficult, and very good, for yourself. You deserve a pat on the back. Be your own cheerleader and you will be much less likely to cave in when temptation strikes. Set aside some time each day for stress relief–this may mean a hot bath, a walk in the park, a pedicure, or even a massage–and make it a point to remind yourself during this time of what a wonderful thing you are doing for your body. Envision yourself free of the burden of Candida overgrowth, and allow yourself to feel gratitude for your dedication.

The Candida diet is so difficult to stick with for more than one reason: Not only is it extremely rigid and limiting, but the Candida overgrowth gives your body intense cravings for the very things that you cannot have. If you are facing the summer holidays and feeling helpless to the pull of a reprieve from your diet, then you will need a strategy. These mental preparation tips can help.

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