How to Get Rid Of Mind Blocks and Feel Inner Peace?

How to Get Rid Of Mind Blocks and Feel Inner Peace?

The world that we live in today is moving at a very fast pace. Everybody is busy reaching their goals in a bid to try to stand out from the crowd. This addiction to faster living and complete dependency on technology has severely affected our mental health, causing extreme levels of frustration and anxiety. Once all these elements start overpowering, that is when we begin to lose our inner peace.

What are Mind Blocks?

We have all had times when we could not think about anything constructive. No matter how hard we tried, something stopped us from thinking the right thing. In perfect terminology, it is called a psychological state of a mental block. From trying to solve a twisted business problem or writing a creative article, mind blocks slow does not allow you to do any of it.

How to Get Rid Of Mind Blocks and Feel Inner Peace?

Mental blocks can manifest itself in various ways. Triggers come into play. This can be something like – being overwhelmed by the massiveness of a project and the impending deadline. Having a mental block is almost like being trapped inside your own head.

What is Inner Peace?

By inner peace, one can refer to a state of the conscious or subconscious mind, where one has attained spirituality and sustenance. It is not a state of composed passivity, nor does not make life dull in the literal sense.

On the contrary, a successful state of inner peace will give you long-lasting happiness, security, patience, and calm. It helps you live a tranquil, joyous life. With inner peace, one implies strong powers of acceptance, no over-analyzing or over-thinking. Rather, with a complete state of inner peace, you reside in your present with contentment.

Your Mind and Body

Often, we feel a sharp divide between our actions and our inner thought processes. We feel afloat in some kind of a large bubble. Our inner consciousness refuses to cooperate with us, all our true potential and capabilities have a lagging.

Our inner mind is the major driving force, a strong basis of our creations, our thinking, perceptions, and choices. However, we tend to move away from it and stop communicating with our inner minds. Our actions become a result of our conscious mind dominating the subconscious.

Some prominent unconscious beliefs happen to be at play here. It may sound like a cliché, but the triggers for an unfathomable mental block are many. Often it comes from low self-confidence or esteem. At times, overpowering ambitions play a negative role in the mind, thus creating blocks.

The feelings like ‘I need to do something big right now’, ‘If people know the real me, they will not like me’, unconsciously build up the blocks that stop us from thinking positively. Sometimes, situational triggers also come into play, due to some past incident that creates mental obstacles in the present.

Ways to Overcome Mind Blocks

But this is not the end of it all. While mind blocks are unavoidable, there are many strategic ways to overcome them from time to time and obtain peace for and with the inner self. Below these are discussed in detail.

1. Acknowledgement is necessary

Acknowledging things is a powerful weapon. The first step is recognizing and acknowledging the experience because it is crucial to overcoming it. This is opposed to a physical activity where you can smartly dodge over this problem whenever needed.

Within this process of acknowledging the blocks, it is significant that you break down all the possible reasons as to what may have caused these blocks. Identifying the triggers helps a great deal. You should also know that having a mental block is not equivalent to a failure.

2. Making positive utilization of fear

If your mental block is stemming from an unexplained fear, know that it is okay. Like every other reaction, fear is also normal. You should always embrace vulnerability. While certain instances of fearfulness harm you (mental and physical) unknowingly, there are good ways of overcoming it without having to push it away.

  • Learn more about your fear. Peak into the dusty regions of your subconscious mind and try to find the right explanation. With the right dose of awareness, you can battle it out with time.
  • Manifest your imagination in constructive ways. Creativity is a powerful weapon that you can purposely use to overcome the fear rather than allowing it to amplify. If you start to gain peace in your imagined scenario, you can manage it in real life as well.
  • You should always practice gratitude.
  • Practicing to release control helps you yield beneficial results. Fear comes with certain behavioral traits that manifest strong control. If you want your fears to stop increasing, learn to let go of extreme control.
  • Try to replace the ‘what ifs’ with ‘so what’. These are positive affirmations that influence your mind positively. This way you can keep your fears at bay and transform your life for the better.

How to Get Rid Of Mind Blocks and Feel Inner Peace?

3. Mindfulness meditation

“The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present – Alice Morse Earle”

The tides of trouble come and go. What is necessary is the realization that we, human beings are not under the control of everything. However, what does it signify in the case of inner peace and balancing mental rigidity?

One of the most reliable ways of attaining inner peace is by becoming observers and not trying to take control over everything. This is the moment we ‘let to’, without the compulsion to explain ‘perfect’ to ourselves. Mindfulness meditation is a technique that allows everyone to break down the blocks in their mind.

Mindfulness meditation makes you aware of your inner self. This means recognizing how the mental blocks function and what triggers it from time to time. Realizing what happens to you and why lets you take yourself on your own mental journey where you gain self-awareness and passive identification. You observe the symptoms as they arise. Gradually you learn to tackle these obstacles.

4. Reciting positive affirmations

With the right set of positive affirmations, you learn how to combat negative thought patterns easily. You can challenge the hindrances inside your mind and stride towards calmness and peace. You re-train your brain, reframe your strengths, and use them for productive output.

Training of the subconscious mind is possible. These statements stop you from self-sabotaging. It lets you focus on positive beliefs, although some find them unrealistic. It helps with stress mitigation and its effects. It brings about a strong sense of self-worth and also helps with better self-realization.

5. Nature as the Therapist

Seeking professional help is always encouraged. However, if you hesitate to explain your thoughts to a stranger, the best solution is to seek help from Mother Nature. An open-minded appreciation for Nature fosters a tranquil silence and inner peace.

Being in a bustling city for a long time, you may start to feel frustration and anxiety due to urban culture. Once you start enjoying nature, the greenery, the serene atmosphere, you will be rejuvenated and refreshed. Watching trees swaying in the air, constant birds chirping, and looking at the sunset will create a positive influence in and around you.

Nature always reminds us of our natural state. We start to embrace our thoughts and sink in the calm. It teaches us to listen attentively, takes us into a space of retreat. Gradually we overcome our mind blocks through better preparation and strive for happiness.


Mind blocks dynamically influence every individual’s life, mostly in a negative sense. But with the right measures, you can overcome them with consistency. Due to long years of conditioning, this might take some time. By taking the right efforts, you can shine bright and attain happiness forever.

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