Cutting Down Fulfillment Time With Intuitive USPS Mailing Software

The USPS makes a variety of integrations that can talk to the API of the shipper account for enterprise shippers, and this includes shippers of all volume sizes. But standard USPS mailing software may not be what fits the bill for your ecommerce store, namely because so many of the functions are not automated that you end up copying and pasting for hours upon end and editing line items painstakingly, one at a time. But there could be a smarter solution for you. Keep reading and we’ll show you how.

Automating the Process

The biggest feature that you will want from your USPS mailing software is automation. In this regard, modern software systems use an API to talk to your shopping cart or online marketplace. These systems are then able to pull the orders in real-time, automatically, if you so desire. Then you can edit, sort and manage the orders before you start to process them for fulfillment. Imagine how much time this saves you?

Preventing Shipping Errors

Shipping errors can really eat into your bottom line. Ship the wrong item and you annoy a customer and have to pay to have it shipped back to your business. What’s more, you still have to pay to send the customers the proper item in return. But newer USPS mailing software solutions will scan active orders before they are processed, to help you find and prevent or correct shipping errors before they cost you big.

Finding the Best Rate

Of course, all e-retailers want to get the best rates on shipping. That’s where USPS mailing software can come to save the day (and your wallet) once again. Since these applications are typically multicarrier, they can also function with the other major carriers like FedEx and UPS. This also means that you can compare live shipping rates between carriers to find the lowest price and more easily meet your bottom line.

Shipping & Updating Customers

Finally, when it comes to USPS mailing software, shipping is the critical function. Good software will generate compatible shipping labels and digital postage. It will also ensure that your store is updated with order number, order status and tracking number. A good example of this in motion is TrueShip’s ReadyShipper, which offers these very features and more. Bear in mind that you have plenty of options when shipping packages out and with the software you use. So make sure you try a few providers before making your decision.

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