TOP Places To Eat Healthy and Tasty Food In Portugal

Portugal is a country that you fall in love with all your heart from the first sight. You definitely like friendly locals, their good English, life without stress. You want to come back to Portugal – country that is full of sun, fresh food, ocean smell and aromatic restaurants. So, hire a car in Lisbon and visit all interesting places where you can eat tasty and healthy food. You are welcomed!


You can buy high quality and tasty nuts, dried fruits in Lisbon. You can easily have a lunch in the vegan cafe (the most of them are situated along the route № 28), drink orange juice, eat juicy fish or cheese. The best to remember is Bairro Alto district with the popular street Rua da Escola Politecnica. This is the street of parties, hipsterish shops, cafes and cafeteria, antique shops. There is a cute vegan restaurant near here. It is really difficult to find a free place during the day.

Street kiosk in Alfama (Lissabon 2016)

Restaurant Natural Terra

Address: Rua Da Palmeira 15, Lisbon

The restaurant looks like a buffet, where you can choose everything you want for 16 EUR. If you want something to drink or dessert, you should pay additionally. The choice of dishes is wide: soup of the day, salads, stewed chestnuts with tofu, and other meat dishes in vegetarian style. The food combinations are interesting and tasty. You will be surprised. Nevertheless, the food is substantial. You may order Yoga Tea. In short, this place is cozy, atmospheric. You feel like at home. Wherever you go, you want to come back.

Bettina & Niccolo Corallo

Address: Rua Da Escola Politecnica 4, Lisbon

This place is situated not far from the vegetarian restaurant. It is considered to be hipsterish cafe. You can drink coffee or home-made chocolate. You have never tried the as tasty chocolate as it is. The place is recommended to visit for all tourists. If you have enough budget, you may go shopping there to shop chocolate (90 EUR for 1 kg). Personnel speak English to give you a good advice.


Address: Rua Nova do Almada, 45A, Lisbon

The bar is represented as a place to drink fresh juices and smoothie. You can find the bars of this chain all over Portuguese big cities. The choice of fresh juices is impressive. The variations are different. Do you want some yogurt in your smoothie?

Fresh pressed...

Vitaminas Restauradores

Address: Praca dos Restauradores, 76, Lisbon

This restaurant is attractive for people in sport and healthy diet. You should pay fixed money and make your own salad, sandwich or dessert. The prices are different. You pay 7 EUR for salad: the base of you salad and 5-6 ingredients for your choice (cherry, corn, broccoli, seeds, different sorts of cheese, capers and cucumbers). The price for sandwich is 5-6 EUR. You can visit these interesting cafes in Lisbon and Porto.


Meet Porto! This is a beautiful sunny city with the variety of vegan cafes, low prices, tasty food, friendly people and high service. You know, if you are in sport, you should go to Porto for vitamins.

Da Terra

Address: Rua Mouzinho Da Silveira 249, Porto

This place is situated in the center of the city, 5 minutes walking from the Central Railway Station.  The restaurant is decorated with panoramic windows, light interior, natural atmosphere. The restaurant works in Portuguese style: lunching is from noon till 4 p.m. and dinner time is from 7 p.m. There is a chance to see special concert program. The public is interesting and colorful. You can meet new people to be your new friends. You can also learn speak different languages.

The restaurant is recommended for all, who want to try fresh vegan food. There is a buffet for 10 EUR per visitor. Traditionally, desserts and drinks are paid additionally. The new tasty dishes every day! The food is light and aromatic.

Food for thought

Cultura Dos Sabores

Address: Rua de Ceuta, 80, Porto

The cafe is located in the historical center of the city. This is a good place for evening party or family dinner. There is also a big choice of fresh juices. They are usually called Detox Juices. The juice is made of lemon, different aromatic herbs, ginger. The taste is specific. Nevertheless, the juice of this unique combination is predicted to clean your from inside to better your health. Do you think that the prices are not cheap? You may turn the corner of the street and visit Liqued Bar – place to drink fresh and healthy juices for cheap in different variations.

Mercado Bolhao

Address: Rua de Fernandes Tomas, Porto

This market is worth visiting at least once in your visit to Portugal. You can buy different products there, especially food. Look around! There is a place to buy exotic fruits and vegetables. You are recommended to try honey water melon, dates, chestnuts, asparagus. Want something special or traditional? You will find it. Speaking about chestnuts, they are popular in baked or fried form.

Street Food

Speaking about the street food, it is time to tell you about chestnuts. The street shops are usually situated in the historical center of Lisbon and Porto. Chestnuts are baked in the big metal plates. You can easily find the street shop by big smoke around the trade point. It looks like fog, you know. Actually, chestnuts are healthy and tasty alternative to traditional fast-food.


Cafes and Restaurants with the Atlantic Ocean View

Walking along the ocean shore, you definitely need something to eat. May be you are hungry and want to have dinner. You can find a restaurant or cafe for different taste and budget. There are many big restaurants and sweet little cafes with the admirable terraces close to water. The portions are huge. You feel full like a boot. The view is admirable: there is nothing better than ocean view. It makes you relaxed, interesting and self-fulfilling. If you like romantic atmosphere, welcome to Portugal! The local restaurants make you believe that romantic dinner can be healthy.

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