Best Room Decorating Trends For Young Women

You’re young, gorgeous, and adventurous, and it’s time your living space reflected that. Modern decorating trends are leaning towards simplistic urban spaces that are functional but stylish. This is the perfect look for your lifestyle, and these six decorating tips tell you exactly how to get it.

Black Stainless Steel

For young women on the go, time is almost a currency. There’s less and less time (and desire) to scrub down entire kitchens and bathrooms, so there’s a strong demand for appliances that can miss a cleaning or two and still look presentable. This is why black stainless steel is hitting the appliance market with a bang: unlike traditional silver stainless steel, the black finish hides pesky fingerprints, smudges, and dirt, and it looks incredibly stylish and modern.


The days of matching everything in a room from wallpaper to baseboards to light switches are long gone. Modern spaces are all about creating a unique look that’s all your own, and that can mean throwing out the traditional style rule book. Don’t be afraid to paint cupboards different colors, mix different patterns, or to throw a random red wall into your neutral living room; let yourself be the trendsetter for once.

Surprising Living Spaces

Modern homes are all about living spaces where there shouldn’t be living spaces. The trend of creating surprising lounge areas is becoming more and more popular because it makes a home feel even more welcoming and cozy. Great ways to incorporate this trend into your space are by adding in chaise longues to bathrooms, creating an armchair and bookshelf nook beside the staircase, or even putting a coffee table and chairs at the top of the stairs.

Matte Finishes

Matte is all the rage lately; lately everything from cars to nail polish are available in a matte finish. Work this trend into your room’s decor with stunning matte light fixtures, matte accent walls, and even matte furniture. It’s a subtle way to bring style and luxury into a room without going over the top.

Faux Fur

Trends are now leaning towards minimalism and simplicity, but for some it can be a hard pill to swallow. Strike a compromise between your love of extravagance and the stylish minimalistic look with faux-fur accents. A simple room can be transformed with a luxurious faux-fur throw or rug, and some designers are even incorporating faux fur into wall art and window treatments.

Standout Window Treatments

Plain-Jane blinds are a thing of the past; decor trends are moving towards standout, eye-popping window treatments that become almost a focal point of rooms. There are tons of ways to make your windows a statement piece: brightly coloured blinds, trendy motorized blinds, printed shades, and more. Start to think outside the box to make your windows work for your room’s decor.

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