San Diego Mobile Groomer Shares How To Get Fur Off Of Everything

San Diego Mobile Groomer Shares How To Get Fur Off Of Everything

As Mobile pet groomers we know that pets are wonderful friends that provide endless love and unconditional admiration. We also know that they also provide endless piles of fur. Having fur just about everywhere is the bane of most San Diego pet parent’s existence. It sticks, it clings, it wads up into little balls that seem to creep into the hardest to reach corners of the house.

Loose fur is a small price to pay for the never-ending friendship that our pets provide, and though shedding is unavoidable, it really is possible to remove all of that loose fur from everything you own. Here’s how.

Removing Pet Hair from Clothing

For removing pet hair from clothes going through the laundry process, first the in the dryer on a no heat setting and let them tumble for 5 minutes. The lit trap will catch much of the fur before you place it in the washing machine. Be sure to clean the lint trap immediately. Then, place the clothes in the washer being sure not to overload or over crowd and add ¼ cup vinegar to the rinse cycle. The vinegar will soften the water and help the fabric release trapped fur. Finally, place the clothes in the dryer where the remaining fur will become trapped in the lint trap.

When trying to remove fur from clothing that is being worn, here are a few techniques that work well.

  • Put a rubber glove over your hand then run it over the clothing. The glove will put the fur together so you can easily pick the pile off of the clothing.
  • Use a sponge to wipe down the clothes. A dry sponge will work on will work on many fabrics but a damp sponge woks even better.
  • Tape, lint rollers and lint brushes are also favorite stand-by options.

Removing Pet Hair From Carpeting and Flooring

One of the most difficult places to remove pet hair is from flooring. Here are some tips and tricks recommended by our San Diego Mobile grooming clients that will help manage job.

  • For removing fur from hard flooring surfaces, try a multi-step approach. First sweep up as much of the offending fur as possible into a pile and then removing with a damp cloth or paper towel. A broom with stiff, shorter bristles or dry microfiber broom works better than one with long loose bristles. Then, use a damp mop system such as the Swiffer to go over the flooring and remove smaller and softer fur left behind.
  • When removing fur from carpeting, there are several approaches that work well. One approach is to sprinkle backing soda on the carpeting and letting it work itself in to the fibers before vacuuming. The backing soda will loosen the fur and leave the carpet smelling fresh. Another option, especially if you have long hair pets or ones that she excessively, is to use a stiff rubber broom that “rakes” the fur into a pile for removal.

Removing Pet Hair From Furniture and Curtains

Removing pet fur from furniture is similar to removing it from carpeting, and requires some of the same techniques. First, try using a rubber glove to gather all of the fur into one place. A damp sponge will also help collect it into one place. Brushes, lint rollers and tape will also help keep remove stubborn fur. Once you have removed as much as possible, use a hand held vacuum to the remaining fur and leave the furniture as good as new.

If you have curtains or drapery that collects fur, try starting at the top of the curtain and run your gloved hand down the surface. This will collect much of the fur so you can pull it off at the end. Once the majority of the fur has been removed, use a small handheld vacuum to remove the remaining fur.

From Car Interiors

Removing fur from car interiors requires a multi-step approach. First, remove the fur from soft surfaces such as the carpeting and fabric upholstery using a damp sponge and rubber glove. Then use a damp cloth to gather and remove the fur from hard or smooth surfaces. Once you have removed as much as possible by hand, use a small vacuum to run over the surfaces and pick up any remaining fur.

Additional Tips For Managing Pet Hair

One of the best ways to manage the problem of fur is by managing and controlling the shedding as much as possible, which starts with a healthy coat. Talk to your vet about the best diet for your pet for reducing shedding. Next, talk to your mobile groomer about regular de-shedding and ways you can help reduce the amount of fur that ends up all over your home. One of the best ways to control the fur is by investing in a de-shedding system such as the FURminator which can decrease shedding by 60-80% and is much more effective than brushing. Remember, any fur that you remove through regular brushing and de-shedding is fur that does not end up in your carpet or on your furniture!

With this handy guide, you can win the fur battle and live to talk about it. Shed on, our canine and feline friends. We’ve got this covered. For more information visit : Awesome Doggies

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