ITIC Is Committed To Foster A Rich and Healthy Global Economy Tomorrow

ITIC Is Committed To Foster A Rich and Healthy Global Economy Tomorrow

Embarking on its industrious journey in 1993, International Tax and Investment Center was intended to provide research-based ideas and knowledge to its client countries to help them mobilize inland resources effectively and efficiently, foster the investment potential areas and pursue a global standard tax system to sustain and grow in the globalized economy. As of today, headquartered in Washington DC, with its full fledged corporate controlling office, regional offices and top professionals from different industries, offers wide ranging solutions to 85+ client countries concerning alteration of tax structures, GST and implementing business policies to motivate investment potentiality.

The professionals of International Tax and Investment Centers are in close coordination with the ministries of finance, central-tax authorities, and departments of customers of the member countries in order to find out latest and consistent mechanisms following which is significant in open trade systems. The huge enterprise of is in receipt of continuous support of the fiscal establishments including International Monitory Fund, World Bank and equivalent enterprises which is quite noteworthy. With an autonomous advisory board, research pool and educational group, the community is greatly supported by internationally famed sponsors from all across different industries and countries for effective execution of its immense methodologies. The group is operating through its offices that are located in Azerbaijan, Russia, Myanmar, Ukraine, Indonesia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Brazil, UAE, the UK and the US.

ITIC Is Committed To Foster A Rich and Healthy Global Economy Tomorrow

As per opinion of many global leaders, economists and corporate personalities that with the reciprocal and self-motivated involvement of sectors controlled by public departments and public sectors together with the tax payers in NEUTRAL TABLE concept of is sure to deliver cutting edge transformation in global economy. The group is confident that it’s the high time for nations to think of reformation in their long established tax structure which would encourage investment possibilities, employment status and boost the economy nationally and globally.

ITIC’s Operation

o Thorough investigation of current Tax structure, Exercise and other Trade Policies;
o Research, Recommendation and Installation of transparent tax policies consistent to the global standard;
o Potentiality building that inspires Investment and International trade; Bringing in tax policies keeping standardization especially with the next-door countries
o Production of seamless tax structure after necessary reformation which would include factors like GST, VAT and Indirect Taxes;
o Introducing welcoming, unambiguous, friendly governmental policies and motivating international market
o Presentation of a top rated cohesive trade setting

ITIC’s Promises

• Enhanced possibilities with investment potential and bettering employment areas
• Steady management of poverty line
• Noteworthy upgrading in living standards
• Elimination of shadow economy and welcoming open trade policies with extensive business sphere
• Abolition of illicit trade practices
• Increase of Governmental Revenue
• Steady and Lively Economy Worldwide

With its worthy solutions designed, the advisory and training group is positive and welcomes nationals worldwide to come forward and take part in its decision making table ensuring you to back home with win-win solutions in hand.

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