Marquee Hire FAQ – A Few Basics Covered

If you’ve been considering marquee hire in Bromley for the very first time, you probably have more than a few questions to ask and concerns to address. After all, it’s an entirely different process to that of simply hiring out a standard event hall or conference room, though this doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be any more difficult or complicated.

All over the country, marquee hire services are proving more popular than ever before as clients and customers with an endless variety of requirements seek innovative and memorable event-planning services. Nevertheless, it’s easy to be somewhat perturbed by the idea if you’ve never looked into its specifics before as on the surface at least, marquee hire does indeed appear to be a somewhat complex and potentially expensive process.

Marquee Hire FAQ – A Few Basics Covered

So with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the most important and frequently asked questions on the subject of contemporary event marquee hire:

1 – Is Marquee Hire Suitable Only for Weddings?

In a word, no. Though most commonly associated with weddings, marquees can in fact be hired for pretty much any kind of event imaginable – literally anything that would otherwise take place in a standard interior event hall. From intimate corporate gatherings to sprawling social events and right through to the largest week-long music festivals, the versatility of marquee hire is quite literally total.  And of course, marquee weddings always tend to be the most magical events imaginable.

2 – What Sizes of Marquees Are Available?

This is the kind of question that brings the ‘how long is a piece of string’ adage to mind, as these days event marquees are available in close to every size, shape and specification imaginable. From the tiniest tents for simple backyard gatherings right through to enormous luxury marquees capable of housing hundreds of guests, the sky’s the limit when it comes to both size and capacity. And just a touch upon that other important point once again, there are also practically no limitations when it comes to marquee shapes.

3 – How Much Do Event Marquees Cost?

The ultimate question to say the least and one that cannot be answered accurately without first knowing the full details of the event in question. Marquees can be picked up for next to nothing, though can also cost a small fortune – it all comes down to what you need and want. In the example of a standard marquee wedding however, some experts say that a decent rule of thumb to follow is that of assuming that each guest will add around £30 to the cost of the marquee.  So if you were planning to invite 100 people to the wedding, you would be looking at a price in the region of £3,000. This can howeververy massively, so be sure to request quotes from several providers before going ahead and booking.

4 – How Much Time is Needed for Setting Up and Closing Down?

In both instances, the answer is usually somewhere between one and two days.  Once again however, it all comes down to the scale, nature and purpose of the event as setting up a small tent for 20 people isn’t ever going to be quite as time consuming or difficult as setting up a string of five massive marquees to cater to several hundred guests. For more specific information, speak to your service provider.

5 – Will I Need to Help With the Set Up?

More often than not, the client will not be expected to do anything whatsoever with regard to erecting or dismantling the marquee – at least when working with a responsible and reputable service provider. From preparing the surface ahead of time to setting up the marquee itself to taking it down and right through to ensuring no mess is left behind, this should all be taken care of on the client’s behalf.

6 – How About Catering and Equipment Hire?

The real beauty of marquee hire is the way in which it gives you the freedom to choose your own catering services, equipment hire companies and so on and so forth. Of course you can always ask the marquee hire company for their own recommendations or assistance with all such requirements, but it is never compulsory – you have total freedom of choice.

7 – How Far in Advance Should I Book?

Put simply, as far in advance as possible. As is the case with so many things, reserving in advance will not only guarantee you the lowest prices, but will also ensure you gain access to the very best marquees available, before they are reserved by other people. This is especially the case in peak season times – if looking to book a summer marquee wedding for example, you may want to think about getting the reservation sorted a minimum of several months in advance, even longer if possible.

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