Why You Need The Mobile Action ASO Guide For Your App Store Optimization

Why You Need The Mobile Action ASO Guide For Your App Store Optimization

Mobile Action is the free way to get your app ahead in the App Store

About Mobile Action

Mobile Action is a company that started two years ago to provide a single dashboard for app developers and owners looking to solve various user acquisition needs. Created by a man who has been responsible for the success of more than 20 big-name apps, the dashboard provides a one-stop solution for app marketing and performance monitoring for mobile apps of every kind.

Effective ASO can provide a huge boost, especially when you are just behind a competitor and don’t know what else to do to tip the scales in your favor. Just like everything else in marketing, the earlier you learn and apply all ASO techniques then the better your chances of improving your rankings against competitors.

The Mobile Action ASO Guide

Have you run out of ideas to make your app perform better in Google Play Store and Apple App Store? Well, you now have the perfect solution: learn ASO for yourself with the best tutorial from Mobile Action. The experts have put together a resource with all the tips, tricks and information you need to launch and maintain a successful ASO campaign.

Find out the best strategies to stand out of the over 2 million apps currently available in the stores, a number that grows with each passing day. Having an idea and developing a useful app is just the first step; there are thousands of useful apps on the market today. More important, you should know how to get that app noticed by your target audience, and that’s the essence of ASO.


The ASO guide comes with a myriad of helpful topics that include:

  • Learning the differences between ASO for Apple app store and Google Play Store
  • Keyword research for various app categories
  • Keyword placement in descriptions, titles and other places
  • Keyword optimization and performance tracking
  • Competitor keyword insights and how to leverage them
  • App localization for apps that have specialized geo functionalities
  • Improvement of images, textual content, icons and screenshots

Understanding user behavior

Knowing who your target users are and what they need is the first step to ensure you grab their attention. You must ‘get in their heads’ to know how they think, what they prefer and how they might find it. This is the basis for developing an effective keyword strategy, one of the most important aspects of keyword optimization.

Rather than just copying what someone has said or done, learn ASO for yourself to know how to identify and leverage your own keywords as well as other marketing trends. Information on these is continually available on the Mobile Action blog, so make sure you visit often to find out the latest information, news and/or market trends that would influence your app marketing strategy.

Effective app marketing is the difference between languishing in obscurity and getting your app to the very top of your niche, regardless of the store for which you’ve created an app. Serve yourself better by learning the ropes of ASO today.

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