Workplace Harassment – What can you do?

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Bullying is a form of tormented behaviour that can cause an adverse impact on the workplace environment. Exposure to bullying can be a serious problem. Most of the cases of the workplace harassment come in a verbal nature, but it can extend up to the physical assaults also. The reports highlight that the seniors of the workplace mostly misuse the power and victimizes the junior employees.

The motives of occurrence of the workplace harassment

Workplace harassment is a form of violence in the world of corporate companies. As per the research concerns, the harassments mainly come from the employees’ behaviour which is deeply rooted within the structure of individual personality. However, there are very less empirical shreds of evidence exist to support this notion. Yet, many researchers have discovered specific reasons which can throw some lights on this workplace violence.

  • Workplace environment: The ambience of the workplace plays a significant role in workplace bullying. It depends on the job designs, job insecurity, workload and many more.
  • Personal Traits: The study shows that there are few employees exist in every office who promotes the negativity at the workplace. They form a group to isolate, humiliate or punish other employees.
  • Poor leadership: The unscrupulous and degraded leadership help to breed an environment where the bullying occurs. The chaotic environment and absence of corporate values encourage the maltreatment.
  • High competitive work environment: A competitive environment pits employees against one to another, and the interpersonal conflict can raise the workplace harassments.

The different forms of workplace harassments

The workplace bullying or harassments often executed in a disguised manner or a direct manner. There are no such limits to the things which the employees can be tormented about. It can be a trivial issue or a sensitive personal matter. The types of workplace harassments are:

  • The Discriminatory Harassments: The discriminatory harassments are nothing but intentionally victimize the employees on the basis of the physical appearances, disabilities, age, marital status, sexual orientation. In addition to that, the victimized employees can experience the racial, religious harassments. The weaken class of employees can witness the unfair treatment, e.g. left out of activities or meeting, teasing and insulting. The employment lawyers Perth are committed to bringing the changes in the workplace.
  • Physical Harassments: The physical assault is a type of harassments which causes severe physical damages.  The physical harassment is a little harder to recognize; however, you need to understand the signs of lewd gestures, inappropriate touching, suggestive sexual expressions. All above uncomfortable physical provocation come under the physical harassments. The workplace sexual harassment lawyer can help to mitigate the issue.
  • Psychological harassments: Some harassment traumatizes an employee’s emotional well-being. Often it is observed that emotional harassment can lead to an extreme step where the workers even commit suicide. In addition to that, the persecutor can isolate, denying the presence, belittle or trivialize a victim.

The consequences of workplace harassments

  • Effects on health: The impact of the bully can cause severe physical and the psychological issues which include the stress, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, high blood pressure and many more.
  • Effects on Job performance: Maltreatment at the workplace negatively impact on the Job performance also. It troubles the employees to make a decision, unable to concentrate on work, losing the self-esteem and low work performance.
  • Effects on the workplace: The internal negative culture in an office can damage the reputations of the workplace. The corporate workplace can go through the industrial tribunal or legal clashes. Many employment dispute lawyers are now actively focusing on the employer’s right which can damage the image of the workplace.

 The intervention strategies of workplace harassments and the role of the employment law firms    

Everyone has a right to work in a safe and positive environment. The law firms initiated law against the workplace bullying with the help of the employment law lawyers. Therefore, if any person is victims by the intimidation or harassments, there are a number of ways the victims and other employees can nip it in the bud.

  • Keep a record: The team of the human resource should strictly maintain a record where they would include the date and time, bullied person, reasons and types of harassments.
  • Acknowledge the bullying: The simple way of preventing the bullying to acknowledge the issues to curb the maltreatment.
  • Strong anti-bullying policy: With the help of the workplace harassment lawyer, the policy needs to create to stop the bullying.
  • Providing Anti-bullying education: A workplace is required to set up a proper training course to prevent the work office harassment. The sexual harassment lawyer can help to mitigate the physical violence.

On a final note, the bullying must see as a complex social phenomenon which is required to curb. Therefore, to maintain the bullying-free workplace, the companies should set an individual body to protect the rights of the employees as well as to work on the complaints actively.

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