Making Your First Wine Cellar Design Choice

You’ve decided to install a wine cellar and you couldn’t be more excited! There are so many design options, it can be difficult to decide where to start and what decisions should be made when. We recommend starting with one choice, traditional or modern. You must first choose a style of wine cellar before you can get into all the intricate details of wine cellar design in Los Angeles, CA. Read about these two different styles below to help you choose the right fit for your home.

Traditional Wine Cellar

When you think of a wine cellar design in Orange County, CA, you most likely picture a traditional style. Floor to ceiling wine racks and storage shelves made from wood is a basic traditional design. These wine cellars feel warm and welcoming, often featuring a variety of wood tones and perhaps even stone detailing.

Would you describe your taste in interior design as rustic or classic? If so, the traditional wine cellar design could be the right fit. You have customization options that can allow you to build your wine cellar to fit the space you have and create the cellar of your dreams. You can even add standout elements like a rolling ladder or accent lighting.

Modern Wine Cellar

Perhaps the details about traditional wine cellars didn’t quite pique your interest. Your other option for a wine cellar design is going with a new and modern twist on wine storage. As an alternative to wood, glass is used to create the walls, shelves, and storage units. In some modern wine cellars, it appears as though the wine is floating in mid-air!

Sleek and fresh are the words used to describe a quality modern wine cellar. Floor to ceiling glass doors allow a full view of wine bottles. The lack of color in the glass really helps to showcase red and white wine as it exists together in the wine cellar. Modern wine cellars are a great opportunity to also showcase aq functional wine bar with suspended wine glasses.

Choosing either a traditional or modern approach to your wine cellar is a great way to start this project. Knowing your preference will help you decide on additional elements including fixtures, hardware, and décor. Wine cellar design in Los Angeles, CA is exciting, interesting, and rewarding! Working with experience professionals can help make your wine cellar dreams a reality.

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