Effective Ways to Market a New Business

Marketing a brand new business can be a difficult task. You don’t have the social proof of previous customers, and you may not have a huge advertising budget. But there are ways to get the word out without spending a fortune even if no one has ever heard of you. Here are just a few of the best ways to market a new business.

Promotional items

It may seem over-simplistic, but promotional items like pens with logo and branded coffee mugs still work. These types of items that people actually use every day are not like flyers that get tossed in the trash. On the contrary, most people pass these items along to friends or through yard sales when they’re no longer using them. So, as long as these products are intact, your company info is being passed along among many different types of people.

With the push toward digital marketing in the last decade, it’s hard to believe that simple items with logos can have an impact. But according to certain studies, the recall rate for a promotional product is up to 85 percent. This is believed to be because “consumers have learned to ignore most forms of advertising.” But a tangible item they can actually use is hard to ignore. What’s more is that people tend to view companies that gave them these items favorably. It makes them feel as if the company appreciates and cares for its customers.

Social media

Social media is arguably the best free source of advertisement available today. Almost everyone in the world uses at least one social media platform. So the chances of reaching potential customers is favorable. But rather than just throwing your profile up and hoping for the best, it’s wise to follow some specific strategies.

For one thing, you need to understand your target market. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s the one that’s ideal for your company. For example, YouTube has become more popular than Facebook for men. But Facebook is still the choice for the largest percentage of women. So, if you have a business targeted towards men, such as men’s health, then YouTube might be the platform you should use.

Another thing you’ll need to do on social media to be successful is learn how to curate the right content. Of course, your original content should be engaging, but sharing others’ content in your demographic spreads goodwill. It also encourages others to do the same for you.

Open house

If your business is a brick and mortar establishment, hosting an open house could be a great way to encourage traffic. Many businesses find it helpful to offer door prizes and free food during the event. Some even find local entertainment to perform. Depending on what type of business you have, you may be able to save money by bartering for these services.

Be sure to advertise your open house everywhere you can. If you are offering door prizes, make sure it’s clear in the advertising. Talk to other local business owners and ask them to spread the word. Post it on social media, and post flyers all over town.

Discounts and freebies

When you first start your new business, you may be giving some services or inventory away. If services are what you offer, find a way to throw in a free perk. For example, if your business is a group of personal injury lawyers in Allentown, PA, you might offer free consultations in the beginning. Or if it’s a gym, offer to waive membership fees for the first 100 customers. The key is to find something to give away that won’t cost your business more than the new business is worth.

Starting a new business may be tough, but marketing doesn’t have to be. Keep these tips in mind to generate buzz about your new business.

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