4 Ideas For Holiday Parties

4 Ideas For Holiday Parties

Are you hosting a holiday party at your house this year? Here are four holiday party ideas or themes that will be sure to make your party unique and a lot of fun for your guests.

4 Ideas For Holiday Parties

Party Idea # 1: The Holiday Lottery Party.

Ask each person that you invite to bring ten scratch-off state lottery tickets. No gifts allowed. Collect the lottery tickets from each person, including yourself. Put them into a large box or container and mix it up well. One at a time, each person draws one of the tickets and scratches it off to see if it is a winner. This is done until all tickets are drawn. Each person keeps the tickets that they draw, winners or not. (Make sure to announce this beforehand.) This party can be a lot of fun, especially if one or more of the tickets are big winners!

Idea #2: The Holiday Re-Gifting Party.

Ask each one of your guests to bring a wrapped gift. But not just any gift; the gift must be something that the person had been previously given as a gift but did not use. (It is probably best if the giver of that gift is not at the party!) Put all gifts under the holiday tree. Have each person draws a number to see who will start. Then, one by one, each person selects one of the gifts and opens it. After each gift is opened, the person who brought it may or may not want to tell the history of the gift.

Idea #3: The Holiday Charitable Party.

Again, ask each person to bring a wrapped gift. However, the gifts will not distributed to the guests. One by one, the gifts will be auctioned off. You, as the host of the party, may act as the auctioneer, or you may ask one of your guests to do so. Bids are taken on each gift just as in a real auction, with each gift going to the highest bidder. The money collected is given to a local charitable organization, to be decided upon by the guests. The gifts may be unwrapped before the auction starts, or after they are auctioned off for some real surprises!

Idea #4: The Holiday Dance Party.

The theme of this party is the television show “Dancing with the Stars”. Each couple performs a dance routine to a selected holiday song. Ask three or more of your guests act as judges and rate each couple’s dance from 1 to 10. The couple with the highest score wins. As the host of the party, you may present the winning couple with a small trophy or gift, along with a round of applause.

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