Lock Individual Apps On Android With App Protector

Smartphones today have the capability to carry number of applications to provide better experience to the customer. All these apps should be protected by the user due to various security reasons. If the app holds some confidential information may lead to many problems in life in the event of loss. You might not be willing to disclose some personal information to others. In both the cases, you have to lock your phone to protect the data that is stored on your apps. Till today, android offers various types of screen locks such as password, PIN and pattern to lock the smartphone. Though this s the most common method used by many to keep their smart phones secure, you know that all the apps that you store on the phone does not require any security.

Only few apps such as g-mail, banking apps, messenger apps, and gallery requires the stated security most of the times. Why should you lock the entire phone to provide security to few apps on your smart phone? Unlocking the phone each time when you want to use it disgusting. How wonderful is it if you have the facility lock only few apps on your phone? This action is possible with app lock that is available on Google play store. Now, you can just lock the apps that need security and rest of them can set free. You can accesses rest of the apps without entering the password or pattern each time. This app protector gives you a great facility of locking your desired apps without the typing that annoying password each time you accesses your phone.  Just pick the apps that you want to keep secure from other’s accesses and lock them with this free app protector. You can lock the apps either with the password, gesture or pattern. Some app protectors allow you to set different passwords for different apps.

How to Use this App?

After knowing the wonderful features of this app protector, one will be tempted to use it on their phone. Continue to read further to know how to use this app effectively and secure apps on your smart phone. You should first install the free app on the Google play store.  Run the app on the smartphone. On the first launch, you will have default password. You have to enter this stated password to accesses the main page. Go to password and pattern setting to change the password or pattern. Once you configure it, you have to just add the applications that you want o protect with the password.  This can be done by opening an app lock tab and pressing the ‘+’ button.  Select the apps from the list displayed and tap on add button.

Whenever you try to open these protected apps, you will be prompted to provide a right password to open it. You need not worry even if you forget the password. Some apps ask you to provide a security question and answer during the process of installation and in few; you should provide it after installation. This security question can be used for password retrieval.

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