Baitcast fishing in Delaware

If you’ve recently taken up fishing, this article might not be addressed to you. Baitcasting is a technique that employs a kind of reel that might be too difficult to handle by total rookies. We recommend using a spinning combo if you have the means to purchase one as it is easy to utilize and doesn’t even cost a fortune.

One of the favorite baitcast fishing locations in the United States is most recently, the Delaware River. Believe it or not, thanks to the many efforts made by a non-profit organization, you can now fish muskies in a premier fishery that can be found on this river. Both boat fishermen and women, as well as shore anglers are welcome to visit the area because the land offers many fishing opportunities and the local legislation allows both kinds of fishing.

Public boats can be rented nearby, so basically you don’t have to worry about anything. What’s really great about this section of the river where you can practice your baitcasting skills is that it makes a good deal of fishing locations available and rather easy to find. You can discover muskies anywhere from eddies to the junction of feeder streams. As long as you see a piece of timber, your chances of catching one are considerably better.

What makes this fish so popular and why are there so many anglers targeting it in the recent years? The fact is that the muskellunge is capable of growing to unbelievable proportions, which is why the record caught in this particular river is an incredible forty pounds. If you’re not after your trophy fish, rest assured as you’ll have plenty of regular muskies to choose from as the river is packed with them. Of course, the neat thing about the species is that it can be consumed and is quite delicious, what with it preying on other fish. Some even get to be as large as to prey on eels.

Aside from good baitcasters, you’ll need some specialized tackle to target muskies. Nothing beats a quality steel leader because you can make sure that your line doesn’t get bit and cut by the teeth of your potential catches. We all know how frustrating that can be. Because of their size and habits, it’s clear that muskies won’t bite any small-sized lure, so it would be a great idea to opt for jerk bait. It goes without saying that you can also use crank bait, spinners, as well as surface lures.

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