The Pros Of Building Soil With Grass!

The Pros Of Building Soil With Grass!

Many people are unaware of the fact that they are largely dependent on grass. If you really wish to know the truth, you need to look at the food chain. Humans cannot receive their energy from the soil. It is the grass that gives this energy to them. To make the above simple, you will find that humans depend upon grass as it is consumed by cows. It is through grass alone that human beings receive their energy.

The Pros Of Building Soil With Grass!

The benefits of building soil with grass on the human population…

In the modern times, many farmers are now proceeding ahead to build soil that is populated with grass. The reason behind this is that the population in the world is increasing day by day. Farmers have a huge pressure on their shoulders. They are responsible for the food supply and this is why they are now laying emphasis on the importance of building soil with grass.

An expert’s voice …

There are many experts in the USA that are supporting the above for the human population. This means that they are giving importance to the fact that soil with grass actually has the ability to increase food supply to the increasing growing number of people every day across the world. In the USA, there is an individual who is making a positive contribution to society as a whole with this concept. He has proven track records in the field and respected and loved in the agricultural community with reverence.

Geoffrey Morell is the co-founder of The Western A. Price Foundation established in 1999. It is a non-profit organization that specializes in research for better diary and meat products. In 2009, he acquired a 95 acre property and converted it into a farm that raises pasture fed livestock and species that have been grown organically. P.A Bowen Farmstead provides the society with pasture fed livestock and poultry products that have been grown naturally. He supports the above concept on his farm too and has successful grown acres of land with grass that is expansive and dense in nature.

He says that the grass is benefitted if cattle graze on it. The growth dynamics of the grass has shown that when several inches of the grass is grazed the grass grows many inches. The plant is able to grow new leaves. When the cattle grazes the grass, the plant receives a signal to grow fresh roots.

It is in this manner that the grass becomes denser. When the grass is not able to expand vertically, it tends to grow laterally. In this manner, the colony of grass tends to expand. The process of growth is optimized when the cattle grazing on the fields drop their manure.

Geoffrey Morell says that the above process of building soil starts with narrow rows of grass. The end result is always an expansive land of grass. With more grass, you have more cows to graze on them and this in turn benefits the human population to a very large extent!

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