Diet Depending On Personality

Diets for addictions to sweets

The problem is quite complicated, because sweets are not included in any diet. A compromise solution would be Weight-Watchers diet, but you must be very careful, because sweets should represent only 30% of the maximum intake of calories a day. Diet of fruits and vegetables would be the second solution, if you accept that fruit can be included in the “sweets.”

Re-education of eating style

To reconcile utility with pleasure, the best solution, according to the recommendations made by nutritionists Jean-Michel Cohen is to combine your wishes, in terms of diet, dietary rules, and to choose those that match better your lifestyle, the aim being to adapt you diet, and not investment.

“The fundamental rule is to adjust your diet you, and to adapt to your style diet. The good thing is that you do all this while. Do not compel anyone to comply strictly with diet, but the main goal is to become, day after day, as strict with your diet, “said Jean-Michel Cohen.

Important factor when it comes to diet, is the time factor. Little discussed in the context of diet, time is a criterion that must take it into account when you impose restrictions on food, no matter how severe or mild are.

Each diet, regardless of its type, restrict supply, thus depriving the body of certain substances (including important nutrients such as vitamins and oligo-elements). Consequently, says Jean-Michel Cohen, a very restrictive diet should not be followed more than two months, while a milder diet, which covers all the necessary nutrients, can be followed for three to four months every days.

There is a preparatory period of the diet, which can take two weeks, in which certain foods are reduced, then so be eliminated. Similarly, a normal diet must be done gradually over three to four weeks to block yo-yo effect or to minimize its manifestation, “says Jean-Michel Cohen.

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