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Tinyowl is the fastest and smartest way to order online food in metro cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. I personally feel that no other app is as excellent as TinyOwl. When I ordered food on TinyOwl first I have thousands of options to look for in the menu and then the desired cuisine is just a click away from me. Having this app I need not have to go to the restaurants and waste my precious time in the traffic for that cuisine. Today I share my experience of TinyOwl when I order momos from this app

I am a foodie person. Every weekend I need something different apart from my regular menus. My friend suggested me to order from the TinyOwl. So, I install this TinyOwl app as I installed it I was very surprised to see the menu. The menu is filled with the great variety of traditional and contemporary cuisines along with the Indian, Chinese, Thai and Muglai food. After seeing that menu I decided to order both the steamed and fried Momos from TinyOwl. I am vegetarian so I order the vegetarian momos. When I saw the price of the Momos I shocked. The price is just the half as the price of the medium budgeted restaurants. Now I ready to place my order and when I placed my order they suggested me to wait for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, the momos are at my doorstep. Now the time comes and I am ready to taste my momos. As everyone knows it very well that momos taste well when served hot.

When I take the first bite of momos along with that delicious chutney, that luscioustaste dissolves in my mouth. I never chomp such a delicious momos in my life. The chili sauce served with momos was exceptionally good. Being a lover of momos I’m very particular about them. But this place met all my expectations. Really mouth-watering taste of momos forced me to place one more order. I don’t know what but it just had the right balance of everything. Well I am suggesting if anyone is fond of momos and semi authentic food then this place is best for them. Trust me guys the taste of the food ordered is superior. From my first bite till last I felt the great experience of taste. Since I am a very hygienic person so hygiene matters me always. But I need not to worry about this as the manufacturers of Momos don’t want to compromise on the hygiene and quality of the cuisine offered. The taste of Momos blows my mind and the prize makes me crazy. No one can find such an extraordinary app anywhere. It is soft outside, moist and juicy inside, and perfectly steamed. And the fried momos are also delicious and made with perfection. The filling was nice and the sauce complements it very well. I will definitely say that an experienced chef has made this perfect recipe. After getting such an amazing and tasty experience of these momos, I look forward to trying the other items on their menu.

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