Top 10 Futuristic Mobile App Design Trends That Will Matter Soon

Top 10 Mobile App Design Trends

Today’s modern consumers demand more mobile accessibility from their brands where it is easy to browse the latest updates and products. People now spend a lot of their time on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is the need of the hour for these business brands to provide their users with a pleasing app to hold the attention of the consumers to buy their products and services. This is the reason apps have become increasingly powerful to keep up with the more advanced options this power provides.

Developing a mobile app is now becoming a cool story. But with the latest visual designs that are impressive is some element that really connects with young users. It is important to adapt with the latest trends that may look amazing on every device be it iOS or Android. So, here is what the future might hold for all mobile apps.

1) Growing Demand for Mobile Apps

With the growing demand for apps, the future trend will have custom user experience at its center and might soon be the main norm. There might be few features that will include responses but the biggest focus will be on easy navigation. Big Data and Analytics can help in creating better user experiences which will also include authentication strategies for security reasons.

2) Diffused Backgrounds

Use of diffused backgrounds will be the new trend one would expect in a mobile app. It will enable designers to make the call to action button viewable and accessible with a clean and simple style, which in return can generate more returns to one’s business.

3) Smooth Navigation

One should keep in mind to place all elements of navigation and menu carefully. The Apps with their clear typography, clean interface, and simple aesthetics are in lot of demand in today’s market. Easy drop down sub menus or menus sliding out from the side of the screen will do it better for consumers to find the content, information or service they’re looking for. One can expect that seamless navigation will deliver a smooth, uninterrupted, relaxing, and friendly end-user experience. Creative use of swipes and other gestures like Peek and Pop are also becoming more popular among app platforms, enhancing the visual appeal of any mobile app.

4) Micro Interactions

Micro interactions are the key features of an app design. It allows users to feel something or reach out to another user or object instantly. As feedback is the most important part of the micro-interaction cycle, it helps to create engagement, contribute to the resulting function that this app is a vital part of their daily lives. Thus interaction is a must-have design element that you can’t ignore.

5) Eye-catchy Fonts

In the near future, app designers will need to resurrect the big and bold fonts that has the capacity to give life to even the ugliest of apps. Fonts need to be scalable to fit in every screen that can be easily readable. Context awareness is an element in mobile apps that can immediately present relevant content by detecting your location rather than you having to manually search for it.

6) Simple, Simple, Simple

Compared to last year, the trend of “simple is beautiful” is reclaiming its importance. Users prefer subtle and simple colors that allow the interfaces to stand out without drawing attention from the main features of the app. A level of vintage appeal is all set to become the new trend in the world of creative apps.

7) Responsive Apps

With the advent of smartwatches there is huge interest to create apps for wearable technology. The predictions in the rise of mobile wearables have slowly started to make changes in the app designs to accommodate less screens with one tap actions.

8) Animation Reach Mobile Apps

Use of animation is increasing as it improves the user experience visually and provides insights for a functional user. This feature helps a client to capture from the first touch. New apps are in the making which are responsive and they just mesmerize one as they guide you through all the adventure. This might be one of the most defining design trends to look for, in the coming times.

9) Interaction Design

The task of drawing in more users has given birth to the concept of interaction design. The design not only revolve around a powerful and creative story but also renders a positive appeal to the users using the mobile app. With many designers opting for a quirky and playful feel to their app design, the ever-changing dynamics of the market will boom constantly.

10) Force Touch

Force Touch is a new way of design that can control or respond to press instantly. One can add previews, make smooth and fast actions and even provide a shortcut to additional functionality inside the app. This will be an amazing experience and the one of the latest trends that one will experience in mobile apps.

Thus it is exciting to see the new would-be trends, or those designs that can evolve in the future years giving a competitive time for young and upcoming mobile app designers.

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