User experience has moved from being the affective factor and the human-computer interaction to being an actual study in digital design and app development. It is not just extension of the field of usability or an ‘old wine in new bottles’, but a perspective platform that helps you to focus on the user interaction, making websites easy to use, valuable, and valid for visitors rather than solely focusing on product’s issues.

UX is generally associated with a broad range of blurry and dynamic concepts, and many usability developers continue to research and look for numerous affective factors associated with end-users.

It causes a lot of confusion about how to squeeze the UX aspect to the last drop and how to build an efficient and experienced team. We have gathered our best advice on being the superior UX team:

Include the Diversity

As we mentioned above, UX is a dynamic are of investigation and covers a wide range of features. The UX dream team should embrace that it is rather a strong force than an overwhelming obstacle. You have to engage in mixing experts with different skills and knowledge of areas related to UX in a cross-functional team. Your company has to include a team of UI designers, engineers, co-creation facilitators, business innovators, digital designers, service designers and service developers. It is conducive to a clear separation of roles in the team with diverse skills within the aspect of UX.

Team Chemistry

The first task as a team should put clear goals that will meet your expectations and strategic patterns within the team. Your team’s aim should be dedicated to providing the user with the best potential experience when using a website, app or service. There is such a goal-setting technique like the S.M.A.R.T, which can help every member of the team to work on the same track and focus on the same targets in all projects.

Respect Your Colleagues

One of the best ways to achieve success in team spirit is the fact that all employees should work side by side in the same workspace. The company must create a conducive atmosphere where all participants must have the opportunity to integrate with each other, expand the synergy and efficiency effects during the design process. Thanks to communication ideas, issues and opportunities that developers can discuss sitting right next to you, you will have a possibility to avoid risk, analyze and overcome problems before they even arise.

Testing Is Necessary

If you want to gain a great experience from the users, you need to test your product correctly and regularly at different stages. If you want to be aware of how the user interacts with your product or to reveal imperfections, then test implementation in various stages is necessary and inevitable. A common false thinking is that testing is costly.Nowadays, thanks to testing tools and enrollment options it is not an expensive and complicated process.

Perfect Design Is Never Done

The belief that you can finish with a product after launch can cause some misconceptions. Great design in the app development requires ongoing perfection and constant user feedback. The UX team should always keep update, improve, test the product and optimize the user experience after it has been delivered to the market. Technologies are changing and evolving all the time, thus, should UX researchers always keep up on trends and be skillful in the subject. All these advice are worthless without one to manage and control: having a focus on comprehensive quality requires an experienced team lead that will ensure the team is on the same productive wave all the time.

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