Reasons For You To Start A Dog Blog!

Reasons For You To Start A Dog Blog!

Do you wish to share your experiences with like-minded people of being a dog parent? Starting a dog blog is indeed a good idea. The best part of creating a dog blog is that it is free and you do not have to pay any money for it. The only thing you should give is your time and effort. Writing skills are also essential and in just one day, you effectively are able to create your own blog with success!

Scott Jay Abraham is an industrial interior designer by profession in the USA. He is known for his skills and amazing creativity when it comes to his work. He has a pet dog called Shadow and when he is not working, both of the travel on odd road trips to places they have never been before. He says that when it comes to his time with Shadow, he wishes to share everything with him. His furry companion is a very important part of his life and so he encourages people like him to write on something that is passionate to their heart and dogs are man’s best friend so they deserve to be written about.

Reasons For You To Start A Dog Blog!

Writing about your dog is a form of relaxation

When it comes to a dog blog and posts to write, he says that there are many things to write about your furry friend. He says that if you as a pet owner write about your dog, you can also help other pet owners learn from you. He says that one of the most challenging tasks that pet owners face is potty training their new puppy. Different breeds respond in different ways and it is here that dog blogs help. If you are a responsible pet parent you can write about your own experiences with your dog. This will help others learn from you.

Dog matters- helping other pet parents

There are other issues that dogs face and they include matters pertaining to food, bathing, mating etc. Some of the basic questions that pet owners have often look to other pet owners for advice. If you start a dog blog, you will actually be helping the whole community of pet lovers. The task of maintaining a dog blog is not hard. All you need to do is write a post as per your convenience and share it with your readers. In this manner, you can help them and feel good about the fact that you are doing something for your furry baby.

Scott Abraham and Shadow are bosom friends and he is proud of the fact that he writes about his dog and shares his posts with other people who love reading about them. He says both he and Shadow love to travel and share their adventures on the blog. He has written on some famous travel spots where you can take your furry friend without fear from the not so “dog friendly” public. He says that dogs are lovable pals and they deserve to be loved, cared and treated with respect by everyone!

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