Clever Tips To Get Stronger and Build Muscle

Clever Tips To Get Stronger and Build Muscle

Your appearance is largely influenced by what you eat. Digestive problems, bad skin, lack of energy at work or at the gym, high body fat, lack of muscle mass… all of that can be caused by unhealthy foods. To lose fat and build muscle, you need a variety of healthy fats, carbs, fruits, veggies and proteins.

Since there is a lot of confusion of what you should eat, here are some clever tips that will help
you get stronger, lose fat and build muscle.


You get energy from the first hour, so don’t skip the breakfast. By eating healthy and strong foods for breakfast, like omelets, cottage cheese and smoothies, you will be less hungry the rest of the day and you will tend to eat healthier foods for lunch and dinner.


The easiest way to feel less cravings and less hunger is to eat every 3 hours ( breakfast, lunch, dinner, post workout, pre bed and 2 snacks in between). Eat at fixed times every day ( 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 7pm and 10pm) and your body will get hungry at those fixed times.


To build and maintain muscle, you need proteins. They will also help you lose fat and make you full longer than carbs. You should eat at least 1g per pound of body-weight, which means if you weight 200lbs you should eat 200g proteins a day. You should include these protein sources with each meal:


Dairy (yogurt, quark, cottage cheese, cheese, milk)

Fish (mackerel, sardines, salmon, tuna)

Red Meat (buffalo, deer, lamb, pork, beef)

Poultry (duck, turkey, chicken)


Most of the veggies and the fruits are low calories and are full of fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. So, you can eat your stomach full without gaining weight or fat. Add these fruits and veggies to your meals: peas, chicory, roman lettuce, cauliflower, beans, pumpkin, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, bananas, oranges, pineapple, berries and apples.


Exercising causes water loss which can impair muscle recovery. Drinking water prevents dehydration, but also hunger since your empty stomach can make you think you are hungry. Drink 1 US Gallon Water/Day – or 1 cup when you wake up, 2 cups with each meal and sip water during your gym time.


Breakfast: green tea, orange, eggs with veggies.

Snack: pear, mixed nuts.

Lunch: roman lettuce, tuna, olive oil, olives.

Snack: cottage cheese with apple

Post workout: banana, spinach, quinoa, ground round.

Dinner: pear, baby carrots, spinach, chicken.

Pre-bed snack: cottage cheese, berries, fish oil, ground flax seeds.

I guess you don’t have time to cook 6x/day, so I advise you to prepare your food for the day while making your breakfast.

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