Essential Meeting Room Amenities for the New Workforce

Meeting rooms are an integral part of every office infrastructure as it’s the place where all crucial events are discussed, decisions are taken, and brainstorming happens. Hence, it’s important that the meeting room has to be packed with all the modern equipment and facilities for the smoother flow of the work process.

There’s certainly much more to a meeting room than just the table and chair. Meeting room amenities play a vital role in the overall decorum of the room and also contribute towards the ergonomic quotient of the meeting place. The new and modern workforce demands something extra from the meeting room amenities and most commercial spaces for rent in Noida or IT parks in Gurgaon are equipped enough to serve the purpose.

Here’s a look at the must-have meeting room amenities to align with the new-age workforce goals:



Though not all need a projector yet having one is absolutely essential. Projector is an essential meeting amenity to support a variety of functions from displaying a presentation, demonstration of a product, or for simply discussing reports.

Technical Peripherals

Having different connectors and adapters are necessary to fit into a variety of computers so that most users with specific laptops and brands can hook into the large svreen with ease.


Having a whiteboard or monitor in a meeting room also doubles up as a screen. Install either or make sure there is a blank wall in the meeting room to get the job done.

Conference Call System

Most multinationals at commercial spaces for rent in Noida now work with remote work teams at different locations. Make sure you have a conference call system in place that allows to connect with employees at other locations too.

Large Monitor

Apart from a robust conference call phone, make sure there’s a large monitor in the meeting room that allows everyone to participate in the remote video call.

External Speakers

Replying on the inbuilt speakers in laptops is a huge mistake as their sound frequency is hardly audible in a large meeting room. Get some external speakers connected so that even those sitting farthest in the room can hear what’s going on.

Reliable Wi-Fi

Most often I have seen in the offices at IT parks in Gurgaon that their meeting rooms are strategically built at the areas where network and Wi Fi signals are the strongest. This is to ditch the traditional pattern where meeting rooms are built in the corners and meeting attendees suffer as there is patchy signal reception there.

Power Outlets

Not having sufficient power plugs in the meeting room is a huge piss off as most employee would have to plug into their laptops once the meeting lasts for more than 30 minutes. Ideally, power outlets are placed just below the meeting table for easy handling.


Meeting rooms are built with a purpose and the purpose is to have those conversations that can’t be carried on the floor because of the presence of other staff. Make sure that the meeting rooms offer complete privacy and no noise to discretely carr on with the business.

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