Inspirations for Interiors from the Best Decorated Offices in India

A beautiful office is always fun to work at daily. The office interiors can impact the productivity of the employees. Everyone desires a functional and comfortable office. Nowadays the new start-ups and other companies are hiring decorators to create custom interiors that reflect the values and mission of a company. If you are looking for some inspirations to decorate your office space, check out these places that has beautiful interiors:

This office space in Mumbai has exciting interiors. The walls are done with a custom wallpaper of the hustling and bustling city life. The shades are mostly monochrome in tones of white, grey, black and green. The chairs are custom made of wood and leather. The most interesting room is an actual bamboo nest, that creates an enclosure of a small meeting room. It also has an ample of natural lighting through glass walls which incorporate nature as a part of the interior. The office is created in the theme of garment stores with a vibrant blue skyline. It is aesthetically balanced with shades and tones matching the theme of the workspace. The vintage style wooden bench chairs add an elegant touch to the interior. As you walk inside the office in the IT park in Gurgaon, you’ll see boxes which represent the various brands that Myntra is collaborating. There are stalls with refreshments and bright accent meeting rooms. All furniture is custom made and includes accents of wood, iron, leather. The headquarters of this startup is located on the 20th floor of the One Horizon Center. The design of this office is casual which encourages work and fun. It has an amazing view and plenty of natural lighting streaming through the glass windows. The work area is open and more interacting in nature. There are small cubicles for meetings. The furniture is of bright and peppy colors which complements a pastel wall color. There are also a lot of indoor plants that add a little freshness to the ambiance of this office. This flagship Candor TechSpace is in the special economic zone in Noida. It is the hub of many multinational companies and IT giants. It has a lot of greenery and parks inside the campus. Some of the amenities include a food court, banks, ATM, convenient store and creche. This commercial office space in Noida has many co-working spaces. The co-working spaces are beautifully furnished workspaces with all the basic amenities of a fully functional office space. One of the most creative office spaces that you can find in India is Google. They have incorporated creativity from sea, roadway, fancy cubicles and multi-functional furniture. They take ‘work and fun’ philosophy seriously. Their cafeteria has a live kitchen. All the furniture is inspired by Google Doodles and mostly custom made. From custom wall graffiti to cabanas, you’ll find every bit of creativity in this Google India office.

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