Top 10 Ways to Meet New People

There are always different reasons why we need to meet new people and from moving to a new town to breaking up with a partner, it’s often quite a tricky task, especially if you haven’t done it for a while.

One of the fundamental aspects of a healthy and happy lifestyle is to have a good support network of friends, relations and acquaintances that you trust. No matter how you’re feeling: happy, sad or thoughtful, having another person to chat to is often all you need to avoid feeling depressed and, ultimately, lonely.

Below are ten effective methods of meeting someone new and it really doesn’t matter if you have lots of friends already, getting to know another person may just open up doors and experiences that you’d never ever have considered before.

Join a Club

If you have a hobby or passion that you want to share with likeminded people then why not check out what relevant clubs are available in your area. This is a sure-fire way to meet people who will be interested in what you’re keen on so you’ll already know that you’ll have something in common.

Go Online

Finding friends online doesn’t just have to revolve around dating as there are hundreds of people actively seeking partners for all manner of reasons, including: home help, sports opponents and writing collaborators etc. Check out community sections of sites such as Gumtree to see who’s looking for someone just like you.


Why not be proactive and advertise online to see if there’s any one out there feeling the same way that you do? Whatever you’re into, you get to call the shots and from a drink down the pub to a coffee at the café, getting to know someone needn’t be complicated, especially if you’re willing to make the first move.


Often when you’re abroad you get to bump into all manner of personalities where striking up a conversation is much easier than at home. Hostels, tour busses or trains are ideal locations to meet new people and if you really want to throw yourself into a social world then last minute singles holidays may be just the answer.

Adult Education

If you have a college nearby then why not pick up a prospectus and see if there are any courses that you maybe interested in. Coffee breaks and in-class discussions present great opportunities to meet new classmates and even if you don’t hit it off at least you’ll be learning a new and exciting subject.

Ask Your Mates

If you already have a group of friends then why not consider getting to know a few of their other friends? Parties, dinners and bbq’s are a great means of meeting new people within a trusted setting and all you have to do is be sociable and try to spark up a conversation with someone new rather than relying on the usual crowd.

Have Children

Could be a bit extreme for some however, as soon as you have kids then a whole array of opportunities open up before your very eyes. Nurseries, play schools and play grounds all present excellent means of meeting mums and dads just like you which is exactly what you need, especially if you’re moving to a new area.

Follow a Sports Team

Hockey, athletics or football, whatever you enjoy watching or competing in then find out what teams are looking for participants or playing in your local area. It can be as grassroots or professional as you wish and many a friendship has been started on a train to a game or on a coach to a match.

Get a New Job

If you work in environment where it’s tricky to talk or there aren’t that many people in an office then why not consider moving on for social reasons? A job should be more than just clocking in and getting paid so make sure you’re working in a place where nights out and get togethers are the norm rather than the exception.


At home or abroad, volunteers are needed to help out which means that you’ll be mixing with new people and maybe making some new pals. This can be a really rewarding chance to start a new life for yourself and as you’ll be helping people along the way, the world is bound to feel a brighter place straight from the off.

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