15 Motivational Things to Start Working Remotely

15 Motivational Things to Start Working Remotely

There are times when we love to head home after work, but not once in our dreams, we haven’t ever thought that we would seriously work being at home. It may seem lovey-dovey working from home. But now, as we are already home and struggling to keep up our pace with office work, we are unfolding the benefits of office and cabin.

Working from home is full of stress and distractions, pressure, and tension. Many employees are finding it extremely difficult to meet both ends. Balancing between work and home is another stack of stress, and out of all, the most important thing we are lacking while working remotely is motivation.

Motivation is a force that drives us to do anything, but working remotely and away from that official environment is proving as a compressor for that needed motivation. When we work with our co-workers and interact with officials, there is a different zeal and a strong devotion towards our task, but there is no such thing in the home.

The home environment may be comfortable but not work-friendly, and it can be a distraction as well. So, to decrease that distraction and to boost motivation, here are some simple and easy ways to stimulate motivation while working remotely.

1. Time management

This is the first thing we need to implement if we want to get things in order. When our offices are closed, what is affected worse is time management. Before, there is a routine of everything. But after lockdown, routine and time management are messed up. Also, this is one of the main reasons for problems in official life.

15 Motivational Things to Start Working Remotely

To get everything in control, time management is a must and the first thing you need. Just manage your time accordingly. Make a routine of your daily tasks perform according to that, and you will have your peace of mind back.

2. Wake up early

The second thing we have forgotten is our awakening time. Generally, we used to wake up at 6 or 7, but now there is no exact time of starting a day.

Getting up early and doing some physical exercise fills our mind and body with the much-needed energy we want for our day. Our day is busier at home than at the office, so waking up early and watching sunshine will help a lot in soothing our nerves.

3. Correct sleeping pattern

Sleep is the foremost thing we need to keep us healthy and fit. Getting enough sleep is a must need of our body and mind to work properly and accordingly. We often ignore our sleeping pattern forgetting its worth in our life.

Sleep is crucial for the proper functioning of our senses. Working remotely is not an easy task, and it needs more attention and focus, so to attain that much focus, sleep is essential.

4. Spending some time outside

Usually, when we work remotely, we lock ourselves in a room because we have enough work pressure and deadlines. We don’t want any distraction, but for once, being outside for some hours won’t harm exactly.

Fresh air and sunshine refresh our minds and relax our bodies. Being in an open environment for a few hours will fill us with new energy, and when we restart our work, we can focus more, and in return, it increases our productivity.

5. Be with family

Spending a few hours with your family increases the level of dopamine, and you will feel refreshed, happy, contented, and relaxed. These all are enough to restart your work with additional energy and zeal.

But while you are with family, don’t bring office talks in between or anything professional. Just live in the moment, cherish your time with family, smile with them, listen to them, play with them, and you feel whole new stamina and strength just by this.

15 Motivational Things to Start Working Remotely

6. Restrict your distraction

There is no denying the truth that working from home is full of distractions. Kids, TV, Mobile are the biggest distractions for anyone working on anything. Keeping all these out of your focus zone is more than necessary.

Keeping your mobile in ‘do not disturb’ mode will be the best thing for you to focus on. Keep your mobile at Flight mode to prove your best friend in such situations. Also, keep that thing turned on in your workspace as well to work without any interruptions.

For kids, you need to occupy them with some task or homework. Also, keep a check on them once in a while.

7. Appreciate yourself

This is a well-known fact that appreciation is the biggest motivation. Appreciation fills our hearts with new zeal, and it acts as a force and pushes us for more. So, start appreciating yourself. Whenever you complete a task, keep a prize ready and award yourself.

When you know that you will get something after completing a particular task, your speed, focus, and stability will increase, and you will work with more enthusiasm.

More enthusiasm leads you to work with more heart, and your mind will work with more emphasis. Try it once, and you will love it this way.

8. Choose your workplace wisely

If you’re working on a kitchen counter or in your living room, then change your place. The kitchen counter or any other random place can be distracting, and if you want your most productive side to come out, invest in a chair and desk and position them in a secluded but open corner of the house to have your full focus on work.

TV is the biggest distraction in the living room, and you can’t have your full focus until you are in a peaceful corner. Hence, if you are already on this path, then it is an awesome thing, and if not, then do it today, and you will feel the change.

9. Make a to-do list

If you want to spend your day without any extra stress, then the first thing in your morning you should do is make a to-do list for the day and set up timelines for all those works. This task seems easier, but you will often end up without creating the list.

So, don’t be lazy to make sticky notes and set the timings for all your tasks daily. This simple tip will help you a lot and provides you extra time for your work. If you have plenty of time, then you can work freely.

Just invest some minutes in the morning to make this list to keep you away from the extra pressure of doing everything on time.

10. Chat with your friends and colleagues

Talking with your friends or colleagues will act as a booster in your motivation. You can talk about work, projects, you can share your experiences and they may help you with some tips or anything.

You will feel light and happy after having a conversation with them. And if you’re stuck with something or in need of help, you can head there, and an advantage is that you can easily pour some of your work frustration out with them.

11. Take a walk with your pet

If you have a pet in your house, then make a routine to have a walk with your sweet pet around the park every evening. The beauty of the setting sun and cool air will condition your mind more than anything else.

12. Do some Yoga

In the morning, evening, or in between the work, draw 10 minutes out for the healing process of your body. Doing simple breathing exercises or asanas for 10 minutes anytime will relieve tension from your mind, along with your body.

15 Motivational Things to Start Working Remotely

13. Don’t work the whole time

Set your timetable accordingly for the work. Don’t take the work continuously. Do one job at a time. If you’re working, then focus on the work. If you’re eating, walking, or talking, then forget about work. Always keeping the workload in mind is not going to help you.

14. Renovate your work area

Refurbishing your work area will make you feel delighted and happy. You can renovate your area by simply adding some sceneries or quotes in front of your office desk.

15. Work with yourself

This is the most crucial element in your motivation. Don’t overwork. Everyone has some limits. Know them, and work as much as you can. Don’t run behind completing more than needed at a time. It’s perfect if you’re accomplishing the given work.


All you need to work effectively from home or remotely is motivation, a purpose, and a push. It’s tough to work remotely but not tougher than you. Following the above-mentioned tips, you will boost your self-motivation, and as a result, you will work effectively and efficiently.

Coping up with stress and anxiety while working remotely is extremely crucial. So, to keep the things in hand, believe in yourself. Keep trusting yourself, and that will be the biggest motivation to handle any situation.

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