How To Take Care Of Your Boat

How To Take Care Of Your Boat

You’ve finally broken down and gotten that boat you’ve been eyeing for years. Maybe you have even taken it out on the lake a time or two. Unfortunately, however, there is more work to a boat than just putting in the water and pulling it back out at the end of your fun filled day. There are a plethora of things you will need to consider when taking care of your boat. Take a look at a few of the more important aspects of taking care of your boat and make sure you are ready for the responsibility of your investment.

Invest in a Boat Cover

Even if you plan on storing your boat in a shed or garage when you aren’t using it, a boat cover is something you should seriously consider. Boat covers not only keep out dust and dirt, but they also ensure that leaves, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays stay out. Although it may seem like an easy cleanup, these things can cause lasting damage to your seat coverings and floor carpet. A boat cover will keep your boat looking newer for longer.

Battery Care

Nothing is worse than having your boat die in the middle of a fun day on the lake. To avoid this, make sure to do regular maintenance on your boat’s battery. Check to make sure that it is charged properly and that the fluid levels are where they are suppose to be. You will also want to make sure no gunk gets to your battery, as dirt and grime can quickly drain your battery.

Regular Cleaning

Just like your care, your boat needs a regular cleaning to keep the paint and exterior looking new long after you’ve purchased it. Thoroughly cleaning your boat will minimize general wear and tear. Waxing your boat after cleaning it can give you a little extra protection from the usual elements.

Remember to Winterize

You may not be thinking of it now, while the sun is hot and snow is the last thing on your mind, but it is important to remember to prepare your boat for winter when the time comes. If you forget to winterize or don’t do it properly, you could cost yourself thousands of dollars in repairs. Prepare the exterior and interior and properly store your boat for the winter, and you will be ready to go when summer rolls around again next year!

Motor Maintenance

Your motor is arguably the most important part of your boat, so keeping it intact is essential to ensure you have an enjoyable summer on the lake. Make sure to flush the engine after every use and check everything for any rust, damage, or corrosion. You will also want to keep an eye on your oil levels and make sure everything in that area looks how it should. You also will want to check up on your cooling system every once in awhile and make sure it is properly functioning.

These are just a few of the many things you will need to do to keep your boat up and running properly. To fully educate yourself on the things needed to keep your boat up and running, thoroughly read through the owner’s manual of your boat. With a little extra attention and care, your boat will look and work like new for years to come.

Written by Carey Wooldrige, owner and operator of Yacht Club Powersports. Located in Osage Beach, MO, Yacht Club is one of the best SeaDoo Dealers in the state, and the largest volume dealer in the world.

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