The Ultimate Guide For Buying Men’s Shoes – Stay In Style!

While there are many men who are very conscious about their style, there are men at the same time who are not much aware of what kind of dress shoes to wear with their dresses. A superb pair of go-to-dress shoes is a staple component of any man’s closet. Even those men who are too casually dressed need to categorize all their dress shoes into a single category so that they can find out which pair to wear with which dress. If you have the time to look for a classic pair of shoes and invest in it, this will last for a lifetime. Whether it is a seasoned shoe or whether it is a simple one to cover your feet, choosing the right pair is the secret that you need to master. Check out the guide to buy the best pair of dress shoes for men.

  1. Check the quality of leather: Don’t make the mistake of buying glossy leather which looks like patent but which is not. You can take examples of brands like Kenneth Cole which uses the best material leather and you can easily recognize such leather by touching it. Remember that the only thing that a leather should smell of should be its own aromas or of the polish which has been given on it. French calfskin is the most famous with the high quality shoe brands and that is simply due to its durability and quality.

  2. Heels: Unless and until you’re less than 5 feet in height, you shouldn’t be wearing heels which are more than 3cm or 1.2 inches. That will make you look like you’re wearing boots which won’t coordinate with your dress shoes. You have to measure the difference by using a tape so that you don’t end up wearing the wrong shoe with your suit.

  3. Shape of the toe: Don’t you think that anything which is too extreme won’t look attractive in any way? A shouldn’t ever be too square, pointy or round. While you’re going to buy dress shoes, make sure you avoid anything which is too symmetrical. Select something which has got some elegant curves which complement one another and creates a shoe which looks similar to the silhouette of your foot.

  4. Take advice before buying: If you’re just out of college and you’ve started making decisions on your own, don’t think that you can take the risk of buying your own shoe. You might have seen your father make such decisions on your own but does that mean that you can decide on your own too? There are many small details which you need to consider before you Buy Mens Fashion Shoes Online and hence you should take such advice before buying such dress-shoes.

Therefore, if you’re about to purchase a shoe in accordance with your dress, make sure you take into account the above mentioned tips and advices. Be the most stylish man in your college or locality and gain attention through your shoes. For more information on men’s shoes, you may check out Squire Shoes.

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