How to Get to The Centre Of Kraków from The Balice Airport?

How to Get to The Centre Of Kraków from The Balice Airport?

Public Transport

You can take a bus or a train from the airport to the centre of Kraków. You can choose between two bus lines: 208 and 252, which depart every hour or twice an hour during the day. At night you can use line 902, which runs every hour. Another option is the train, which runs from Kraków Balice to the Main Railway Station in Kraków, but you can also go further, until you reach Wieliczka. The train runs every hour, from 5 AM to 11 PM and it takes 18 minutes to get to the Main Railway Station.

The greatest advantage of this solution is definitely the price, because depending on whether you choose a bus or the train, a single ticket costs between 8 and 12 PLN. If you go by train, you can also enjoy a relatively fast journey, regardless of the time of day and traffic. If you choose a bus, you have to remember about rush hours early in the morning and in the afternoon. In this case, the journey might take longer and the driver is not to blame for it.

Using public transport also has its disadvantages. Buses or trains can be overcrowded. Plus, you have to wait for the transport to arrive in line with the timetable. You also have to remember that public transport follows a specific route, which means you do not necessarily arrive exactly at the door of your hotel. You will often have to look for an extra means of transport to get there.

Balice – Kraków minibuses

Another way to reach Kraków from the airport is to choose one of the Balice-Kraków minibuses. This is a door-to-door option offered by licensed transport companies. This means you will be whisked off from the airport and taken straight to the hotel, hostel or apartment, where you booked your accommodation. This way you won’t have to browse through numerous bus connections. It’s a convenient solution for most travellers.

In order to use the minibus service, you have to book it in advance and schedule a specific departure time. The minibus will be waiting for you immediately after you arrive, so you won’t have to wait. This reduces travel time and helps you arrive directly at the place where you choose to stay overnight.

An important advantage of Balice-Kraków minibuses is a fixed price known before the journey. This is how you know exactly how much it is going to cost, so you can make allowances for it when planning your travel budget. You don’t have to worry that any traffic jam or detour caused by a road accident will affect the price. This makes it a far better solution than a taxi, where any change of route or travelling time increases the final price and only when you reach your destination do you learn how much you will have to pay.

Taxi from the Airport

The most expensive option to get to Kraków from Balice is to take a taxi. The airport has its official taxi company known as Airport Taxi. You will find these cars in the parking lot near the terminal. You can also book a taxi from another company to come and fetch you from the airport, or use such services as Uber or Bolt. In any case, the cost of such journey is rather high and depends on the distance.

Still, taxis remain quite popular despite their price, especially among those tourists who prioritise comfort and convenience. You don’t have to call for the taxi in advance, because you can always use those waiting in front of the terminal. The driver will take you virtually anywhere in Kraków, so you don’t have to worry about how exactly you can reach your accommodation. You just provide the address and you will be taken directly to the doorstep of your hotel. The service is similar to the one offered by the minibuses, but much more expensive. No wonder that many visitors choose minibus transfers. They are just as convenient and definitely cheaper.

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