Top 11 Alluring Destinations to Visit In The Philippines

Top 11 Alluring Destinations to Visit In The Philippines

Where can you go to the land of more than 7,600 islands? Here are my top options for travelers who want to find great places in the Philippines. Let’s start with the highest and most accessible places suitable for first-time visitors. Next, I will share some of the most attractive places in other parts of the world.

For people who want to explore more about the Philippines, I have also included a long list of famous places and attractions, so you can enjoy a visual tour of what our country has to offer.

1. Boracay

There is a reason why Boracay Island is considered the capital of the Philippines because there are more than 12 beaches. This small island in the western region of the Visayas is ideal for seafaring travelers who follow easy rest in the sun or on water activities. White Beach, on the western side of the island, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines.

Puka Shell Beach is located on the edge of the island and is a favorite spot for shell collectors. Cagban Beach is a quiet place with nearby caves and rumors that they still have treasure chests.

Diniwid Beach is one of the smallest beaches north of White Beach, with a beautiful view of the island in the area of the existing platform. The island is known for its many resorts, so finding a place to live is easy. For a better view of the island, take a day trip to Mount Luho, the highest point.

2. Bohol

The island of Bohol in the central Visayas of the Philippines is slow, and it is a place of natural beauty. One of the unique natural wonders on the island is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen. This UNESCO-protected area is a collection of 1,200 geological structures that turn brown during the dry season, similar to the land of chocolate candy.

Bohol is a family-owned house with a small primate of Tarsier, known for its large eyes. For a small fee, you can walk around the yard and stand inches away from a small nocturnal mammal. Bohol exhibition is a sea.

3. Cebu

The island of Cebu, located in the heart of the Visayas, is considered one of the best fishing and ski resorts in the Philippines. If you are an underwater lover, Cebu is one of your best travel options that bring you whale sharks, coral reefs, and sea turtles.

Top 11 Alluring Destinations to Visit In The Philippines

Some of the attractions from the water near Cebu are the sea caves that attract photographers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for alternative diving and photography sites.

Sudan National Park, about an hour from Cebu City, is a beautiful park and exploration. Although Cebu’s main attraction is its waters, Cebu City is a metropolitan area, with tourist attractions such as museums and archbishops that will delight historians.

4. Banaue

The rice fields in Banaue are one of the most impressive areas in the Philippines. The green fields of radar are a marvel of agriculture in this area. Your most spectacular view of the gardens lies at sunrise when clouds and mist from the mountain reveal the intricate design of the terraces.

Batad Rice Terrace and Bangaan Rice Terrace are protected by UNESCO World Heritage sites. For a deeper taste of the region, go to Banaue Ethnic Village or Hiwang Village to mingle with the indigenous people who cultivate the rice fields.

5. Vigan

Vigan is a historical city in the northern Philippines is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in the state of Luzon. Its culture is a blend of Chinese and Spanish influences moving from region to region.

Grab a horse-drawn kalesa in the streets and admire the colonial construction, courtesy of 18th-century Spanish conquistadores. A beautiful view of the area comes from Bantay Bell Tower, which is a very remarkable place in the area.

The historic district of Calle Crisologo is an easy-going region, where you will meet a local artist and see the historic buildings. Visiting St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral is amazing and a great place to sit and watch people as you learn the local culture.

6. Manila

The Philippine capital, Manila, on the island of Luzon, is a bustling city with endless activities. Get into one of these colorful jeepneys, the ultimate public transportation system, to get a taste of local life while visiting the city’s top attractions.

Often crowded with locals, potholed roads in historic jeep/buses will be one of the highlights of your visit. The program represents the city’s largest park, Rizal Park, and the historic San Agustin Church.

Top 11 Alluring Destinations to Visit In The Philippines

Buy local fruit and handmade gifts at the Quiapo Church community market, where you can see a few thousand people on Friday to worship.

7. Davao City

In the city square outside Manila, to Davao City, which has a large urban area. Davao City is a large city in the southern Philippines region of Mindanao. Despite having many supermarkets, Davao City has many natural features, including Eden Nature Park, the Philippines Eagle Center, and the Davao Baywalk along the coast.

Mount Apo is the highest mountain in Davao city. It is a major shopping center as there are many large shops, including Abreeza Mall and SM Lanang Premier Mall. To explore the history and culture of Davao City, the Davao Museum of History and Ethnography is a must-visit.

8. Sagada

The unique experience you can find in the Philippines is in the northern part of the Sagada tribe. In the rugged and remote highlands of the Cordillera Mountains are tribes that occasionally receive a visitor.

This place is the paradise for your favorite outdoor entertainment. High mountains and high altitudes improve the level of interest and skills required for outdoor sacrifices. The best place to visit in the Philippines is hanging boxes hanging in the mountains.

It is best to contact the local director to take you to this wonderful site because it is not a tourist destination, but rather a real national region that hides the right information for the right to be proud.

The mountains are very popular in Sagada, especially Mount Ampaco, with its highest peak in the region or the Echo Valley, with its rugged and rugged terrain.

9. Siargao

The wooden surfboard was made for the seaside to get to Cloud 9 vacation on Siargao Island. Travelers who enjoy taking this trip as they travel should put Siargao Island on the agenda. This small island has a wealth of information, from tides sought from the ocean to unusual rock formations and waterfalls.

Surfing is what Siargao is best known for. The popular Cloud 9 vacation is already in place, but many coastal areas bring big waves. So, even if you do not swim over the waves, watching some of the best surfers arrive on the island is an enjoyable activity.

Deep-sea fishing is popular outside of Siargao as fishermen try year-round with sea fish and mahi-mahi. Another way to visit Siargao is to make an island accessible to places like Bucas Grande. Here you can see the Sohoton Caves and non-sting jellyfish.

10. Baguio

Baguio is a mountainous town on Luzon Island. Although it is a city, Baguio is nearby and reminds us of a kind of place of residence. Baguio is known as the City of Pine because of its rich pine forests and temperate climates.

Top 11 Alluring Destinations to Visit In The Philippines

You can explore the hiking trails and bikes or take a hiking golf course at one of the local resorts. Baguio is different from other parts of the Philippines because the city is surrounded by trees and not water.

Parks like Mines View and Burnham allow you to enjoy some of the region’s unique flowers and animals. You must spend some time along Session Road where you can take a clip of local life.

11. Puerto Princesa

The rocky islands, caves, and nature parks of Palawan Island are a hidden Philippine paradise. The coastal city of You needs Puerto Princesa is where you should stay to explore some of the country’s natural resources. The River National Park is the first stop to see a five-mile underground river and beautiful limestone caves.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site has a national cruise ship. Other places you can see in Puerto Princesa are Honda Bay, famous for snorkeling, and Ugong Rock, where you can use various mechanical techniques.


The Philippines is an easy place to visit many times because of its more than 7,000 islands. The Philippines is divided into three groups of large islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, representing the various regions of the country. The landscape of each region of the Philippines ranges from the mountains and tropical regions to the major cities.

You can enjoy a day of walking through the colonial streets of the history of the great city of Manila or catch a glimpse of the little monkeys entering a secret sanctuary on the island of Bohol. The towering, high mountains offer an unforgettable mountain experience.

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