8 Most Dangerous DIY’s!

This trend has been around for ages; something breaks down in your house or something needs repair and it has you worried. Instead of seeking professional help, you sit there thinking, “maybe, I can do this myself”. There are a lot of DIYs out there for pretty much everything because, if they can do the job, why can’t I do it and save money, right? There are some DIYs that require extra focus and expertise, or things could turn really ugly, if otherwise. Things like boiler installation or electrical wiring need professional help, but let’s put that aside for now and move on to the 8 most dangerous DIYs you shouldn’t be doing without any guidance.

Large Tree Trimming and Removal:

This already sounds dangerous because it’s a giant tree trunk rooted deep into the soil, and if you were to cut this down, you probably wouldn’t be able to manipulate the direction of its fall.

You may have the tools and may know how it’s done, but you may lack the expertise to handle such a task.

That’s exactly why you must call the right people for carrying out this task for you.

Installing a Boiler:

Home DIY’s like installing a boiler is heavily complicated and can be hazardous sometimes, if not properly handled.

The task requires expert scrutiny who will be considering multiple external factors before recommending the right brand suitable for your property.

This job is featured on DIY blogs but it requires certification to properly install a boiler since any negligence could mean the loss of life and property.

Wall Demolition:

Now we know this is your house, and you may want to knock down any wall for expanding your living space.

You need to figure out what that wall is supporting prior to proceeding with the task.

What’s the worst that could happen, right? The entire house may cave in and that’s not going to something you’d want.

DIY projects like this need proper consultation as well as planning with an expert who understands his job.

Roof Repairs:

The roof and everything on it seems like an easy access point to work on, however, not safe entirely.

You could fall off and hurt yourself badly because of poor safety gadgets and/or training. Besides, one must be aware of shifting their body weight, if they don’t want to fall through the roof.

Roof related repairs and installation projects should never be performed single-handedly.

Pest Extermination:

The fact that there are certified organizations for these jobs proves just how a non-DIY task it is.

Considering the fact that there are safety measures involve that require you to leave your own premises for days, depending on the severity of termites infesting your property.

As there are dangerous chemicals involved, this too should be handled by individuals familiar with various chemicals for pest control.

Electrical wiring:

It’s not just wiring that can be dangerous but anything involving electricity, and oftentimes related accidents had taken lives too.

This is also quite a critical DIY project since you need to know the proper wiring techniques.

People spend more than four years in college for attaining a degree in the electrical engineering program.

So, do you really think that by watching a video for an hour on YouTube will also turn you into a pro electrician?

Asbestos Removal:

What once was used as an addition to buildings for insulation, has now lost its value today.

Removing this from older apartments, houses, and/or buildings sound simple but it’s one of the most dangerous DIY projects that must not be ignored.

Asbestos is a toxic substance and can cause breathing problems if inhaled.

Asbestos removal requires the attention of specialists and those equipped with the right gear for handling.

Gas Appliances Installation and Repair:

Let’s say your gas stove is not functioning quite well or the gas supply to your house has leakages.

You would look at this as a simple DIY project but could be dangerous as even professionals themselves suffered severe burns during maintenance.

Your life is precious, and there are individuals who really care about you. So please, call a technician if needed.


This should be used as a warning that the DIY projects mentioned above may cause fatalities and should be left to professionals only unless you’re the daring kind who’s constantly seeking possible scopes for an adrenaline rush. We strictly recommend you to consider your safety first, including the ones living around you.

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