The Importance Of Cyber Security and How A CASP Certification Helps

The Importance Of Cyber Security and How A CASP Certification Helps

Cyber security has been on the minds of all online businesses for some time now.  With increased hack threats, the risk of data loss and the exposure of personal information, and the fact that all of these things can ruin a company, executives are being forced to evaluate what security measures they have in place to protect their enterprises.

Luckily, businesses have the option to hire IT professionals to handle their cyber security issues.

And, if they want to get the best person for the job, equipped with advanced-level security skills and knowledge, they will be wise to employ the help of an IT professional that has received their CASP certification.

Today we will take a brief look at why being knowledgeable about cyber security is important and how a CASP certified employee will help secure your online business from outside attack.

Cyber Security Attacks

Our world is becoming increasingly technological.  And, while this offers many benefits, it also exposes us to relentless attacks from those trying to take advantage of what this advanced technology has to offer.

The top cyber security attacks targeting businesses these days include the following:

  • Zero-Day Attacks.  Software vulnerabilities that have yet to be discovered and patched.
  • Cloud-Data Leaks.  Cloud services that are infiltrated by cyber criminals.
  • Mobile Malware.  Malware targeting the OS on mobile devices to steal data.
  • Targeted Attacks.  Hacking techniques used on a specific organization.
  • SQL Injection.  Executing malicious code on a server with the intention to steal data.

Adding to that, here is a look at some of the most important reasons why cyber security knowledge is important for any business, regardless of its size:

  • Cyber attacks continue to increase by the minute and show no sign of slowing
  • Companies are more vulnerable than ever, since only 37% of American companies have proper security measures in place
  • Cyber crimes have worsened over time, with loss of money being the most common result
  • Systems with advanced technology open themselves up to exploitation

For an organization to tackle the issue of cyber security, they need to do more than hire someone to monitor their systems.

In fact, besides enlisting the help of someone that is CASP certified (which we will show is important), it is also a good idea to educate your employees about simple security measures they can implement while performing daily tasks.

Why is CASP Training the Key to Preventing Cyber Crime?

Hiring someone specializing in technology security is the number one way to prevent cyber crime.

In fact, here are some of the things your CASP certified IT professional will know:

  • How to identify security issues and apply proper security measures
  • Which systems present the most risk and how to minimize that risk
  • Ways to design custom security solutions that will  meet your business’ needs
  • How to properly test security measures that are in place to ensure their effectiveness
  • Management of risk and how to implement security procedures within an enterprise
  • How to conduct security research and analysis

Becoming CASP certified offers IT professionals an exceptional way to prove competency when it comes to cyber security.  It confirms with businesses looking to hire you that you have the ability to protect their biggest assets from those trying to attack them from the outside.

If your company fears the increase of cyber attacks, and wants to take a proactive approach to minimizing threats, take the time to encourage employees to be careful on the job, and hire a professional that can focus in on your company’s biggest security weaknesses.

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