Complete Guide To IIT-JEE Exams – Everything from Syllabus To Preparations

IIT-JEE being one of the most reputed entrance tests in the country gives you a tough time to crack it. Aspirants all across the country dream to get through it and be a part of the IITs. Though it needs a remarkable level of hard work to make your way to the IIT, at the same time it is not impossible. Right amount of devotion will lead you to your dream institution and eventually your dream career. Along with being devoted, practice a few simple things and you are all set to reach your goal.

  1. Start in advance

You know you want to make it to JEE main rank predictor and you know it requires a lot of hard work – why not start preparing in advance then. Start with your preparation a year early, when you are in your final year of school. Join a good coaching institute, collect study material and start working on it. It’s always good to start well in advance. This gives you ample time and you can cover everything efficiently. A two to three months study will not help. Gear up and get going to fulfill your dream.

  1. Leverage from technology

Technology is at its peak today. Why not take its advantage when you have the option to. You can find some great educational apps on android and iOS. These apps provide a vast material for various fields of study, like IIT-JEE, AIPMT, AIEEE etc. It proves to be a very convenient source as you can look up for anything on it at any time. All you need to do is apply for a subscription and pay the fee online. One such app is Toppr. It’s a one-stop solution for multiple diverse courses.  You will find all sorts of mock tests available on the app along with online chats with experts. You can download the app from play store to understand its usage further.

  1. Consult with seniors, experts

Take advice from your seniors on how to go about your preparation for JEE. Have a word about it with the experienced candidates who have passed the test. They will be able to extend useful details about the pattern of the paper, kinds of questions, important topics etc. You can even learn the tips and tricks from them to solve questions in a quicker and easier manner. Talking to people who have conquered the exam also gives you the motivation to work harder and be a part of their league.

  1. Eat and sleep well

Ensure that you eat healthy and take a good 8 hours of sleep. It keeps your brain de-stressed and gives it all the energy it needs. Compromising on either of the two will stress you out and drain all your energy. This may lead to you falling ill just days before the exam. You sure don’t want to risk it. So be attentive about your eating and sleeping patterns.

  1. Hard work is the key

Nothing can be achieved until you put genuine efforts to get it. This is the primary clause for cracking IIT JEE. You have to be firmly determined to attain the positive result. And a good result will only come from the hard work you put into it. You need to know beforehand that it is an uphill battle and you have to be very keen to conquer it. Give it your best and you will definitely get an overwhelming victory.

Stay aware of all the dates related to the exam. Do not miss out on any date or information. Keep important documents like JEE Advanced admit card safely as you cannot afford to lose it last minute.

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