The 5 Worst Foods For Dentures

The 5 Worst Foods For Dentures

Maintaining your usual diet after trading in your original teeth for a partial or full set of dentures can be confusing and challenging. –Nonetheless, wearing dentures should not mean you give up your favorite foods. The key to successfully living with prosthetic chompers is not about deprivation, but patience and creativity. Make navigating your plate stress-free by avoiding the followingworst picks:

Tea and Coffee

Your morning Joe hardly hurts when taken in moderation. However, large amounts can cause dehydration meaning more dry mouth. Denture wearers must always have and maintain a moist mouth. Lack of lubricating saliva means high denture friction thereby causing gum irritation. If you must take coffee, be sure to complement it with substantial amounts of non-diuretic fluids. This helps with comfort and saliva flow. Curb the high caffeine amounts or, better still, switch to decaf.


A tiny piece of popcorn lodged in or between your teeth can be painful. It is no exception when it comes to dentures. Anything with sharp or hard bits can be tough on your dentures. Removing hard bits is extremely agonizing. The better bite would be air-puffed veggie crisps. Those with constant cravings for salty snacks should trade popcorn for veggie chips. As you take salty snacks, remember to increase your intake of fluids. This helps in saliva production thus maintaining enough mouth moisture, which prevents slipping of dentures.


Are you nuts about nuts? Well, the best thing is to hold back if you are a denture wearer. Eating nuts can make dentures unstable. Moreover, little pieces can find their way under your partials. Removing them can be quite some work. How does chewing nuts make dentures unstable? For any denture wearer, using both sides to chew is a must. Chewing on one side increases the risk of loose dentures. Most people eat nuts using one side, which can bring about denture instability. Opt for pitted olives instead of nuts. They are easy to chew with dentures. Better still, they contain heart healthy fats to combat high cholesterol levels.

Sticky Candy

Anything sticky is highly guaranteed to dislodge your teeth. The best alternative for sticky candy is sugar free gum. Bonus? Chewing sugar free gum helps in saliva production. Find the best gum that works brilliantly with your specific denture.

Seeded Bread or Crackers

Steer clear of poppy seeds if you are wearing dentures. Having a seed stuck in your denture is like having a stone stuck in your shoe. To be on the safe side, replace the seeded buns with some whole grain baked bread.

Any denture wearer should avoid the above five foods at all costs. Remember that obtaining dentures needs some adaptation. This is because they are not like the natural teeth. You must be willing to learn to eat your food differently.

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