Differences Between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting

Differences Between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting

If you have decided to select a particular hosting plan for setting up your online business, then I am sure that your mind is flooded with lots of options. The beginner online businessmen get confused very often to see such variety of web hosting plans. Those who don’t previous knowledge on web hosting and various plans, select a random one out of curiosity. Most often the options chosen out of curiosity don’tpay off well. However, I would like introduce you with a few different web hosting options. I have already mentioned that the number of web hosting plans and services is huge and it is not possible to discuss all of them in the same article. That’s why I would like to talk about cloud hosing and shared hosting; including their differences.

Shared Hosting

You must know that any hosting service requires a server. The function of the server depends on the type of hosting. In shared hosting, the service receives share the same server. That means, they have their accounts under the same server and get bandwidth, disk storage, email, domain names and other facilities provided by that server in a limited amount. With the shared hosting option, it is possible to maintain multiple accounts from the same server. Moreover the service receiver doesn’t have to be concerned about the technical sides of the hosting service.

The main problem about shared hosting is lack of resources. If bandwidth and disk storage is not enough, then you will not be able to expand your business in the future. For small businesses and personal websites shared hosting is the best option. But if you are looking forward to open a huge online business, then you shouldn’t select shared hosting. Shared hosting is quite cheaper than the other hosting options because lots of people pay the expenditure together and everyone shares the payments.

Cloud Hosting

Could hosting is the newest version of hosting. In the 21st century cloud hosting has brought a revolution in online business. Gradually all the online business organizations are being redirected to cloud computing because of the benefits. Cloud hosting is powered by virtual servers. The virtual servers get their computing resources from remote servers of underlying physical networks. Cloud computing has changed the whole idea of hosting. Cloud hosting wants to establish hosting as a service rather than a product.

Cloud hosting brings flexibility that no one can match. Through cloud hosting it is possible to work from home and maintain everything. Everyone is connected through the internet and they can share any kind of data and make changes. Moreover, only cloud hosting is able to offer you as much bandwidth and disk space you want. If maintain your website with cloud hosting, then you will be able to expand the website anytime you want. Most importantly, you will only pay for what you are using. In traditional hosting plans you would have to purchase a particular amount of space and bandwidth from the service provider and no matter whether you used that amount of not, you had to pay for it. In cloud hosting there is no unused space. So, you are paying for the space your website has occupied.

Cloud hosting is quite secure as well. The main servers are securely preserved underground and this prevents anyone from physically disrupting the servers. Also the cloud storage gives the opportunity to keep back up of any amount of data. Thus the risks of losing precious data because of system failures or viruses have been mitigated. If the data is lost for some reason, then it can be regained by downloading the backup from the cloud storage.


Shared hosting service and cloud hosting service is totally different from each other. From the above discussion, you have very clearly understood that shared hosting is quite an old idea and could hosting is the idea of tomorrow. Once there was a time when shared hosting was one of the most famous hosting services. Right now could hosting is taking that place. Someday in the future cloud hosting will also become an old idea and something new and better will take its place.

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