Perpetual Grow Using LED Grow Lights

Perpetual Grow Using LED Grow Lights

There have been a number of indoor crop growing methods used over the years. One for example, Low stress training, is a method in which the crops are grown with a focus on exposing the major part of plant to light. Such procedure develops an understanding that the more a plant gets exposed, the greater the number of buds will form. For all growers who have started into the indoor crop growing market-Perpetual Harvest is the best amongst all methods for growing indoor plants.

Perpetual harvest is simple by nature and ensures a steady speed of plant production. The main component that yields the desired product in this procedure is the LED Grow Light. These Light Emitting Diodes have a tremendous potential for supporting crop production year round.

LED’s are smaller in size than other grow lights but have proven to be durable, wavelength specific, and very efficient. There is more to this promising technology but before that, let us elaborate how you can achieve perpetual growing using LED grow lights.

Perpetual Grow Using LED Grow Lights

What is Perpetual Harvest?

A technique in which parallel grows are conducted whereby the grower keeps a constant supply of plants in both vegetative and flowering stages of growth at the same time.

How is Perpetual Harvest Achieved?

Perpetual harvest of indoor plants is important and successful because it:

• It is a safety measure against any loss of plants. Disaster Recovery Process- The perpetual Harvest recovers your disasters, if any-it enables you to utilize the other set of plants that are already half way in the growth process.
• You Will Never Run Out of the Plants- When you’re growing the plants in various set of tents or areas, it clearly determines a continuous availability of the plants.

What Do You Need To Achieve Perpetual Grow?

Start with high quality LED Grow Lights. The benefits achieved through this technique outweigh the expenditure and effort needed. You will require:

• One Extra Grow Tent/ Area- To keep the two cycles of growing plants, you will need two separate areas or tents. You can split one grow tent or grow area into two separate places or you can set separate flowering and vegetating chambers.
• One Extra Set of LED grow Light- Both the tents will require their separate grow lights for the growing process. The grow lights required for vegetative process can be weaker than the flowering one, but for flowering we recommend using Dorm Grow G8LED grow lights.
• More Electricity- You will have double the number of plants growing which will require more space and will consume more electricity. G8LED technology yields more and reduces the electricity bill since there is no wasted heat and light.

Role of LED Grow Lights in Perpetual Growth

LED grow lights are long lifetime products, emit cool temperatures, and have a specific wavelength for the indoor plant photosynthesis. These qualities have further been enhanced with developments in light output, wavelength availability, and energy conversion efficiency which make the light emitting diodes a great choice for growing indoor plants.

LED grow lights have been compared to various grow lights and their performance has also been tested by various scientists. High quality LED grow lights will give bountiful yields, reduce the electricity cost, and produce high quality of plants with beautiful colors . The results have been remarkable and it appears that the future of indoor growing is the LED grow light.

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