Why Do You Need To Patent and/or Trademark That New Product?

Why Do You Need To Patent and/or Trademark That New Product?

A business, whether small or big, needs to have a patent for itself to be recognised in the market. A patent is a government license or approval from the authority that confers a right or a title for a specific period. A patent is given by the trademark registration in the where you belong. Not only in the present day, but also in the olden days were made to make a patent for their companies so that they can be recognised all over the market. It is known that a trademark is significant for any business as it gives you the right to disabling others from making, using or selling your invention.

Why is patent registration necessary?

Patent or trademark registration is necessary because of various reasons in a business. It keeps the life of a business stable in the market. A patent brings out a great deal of importance in any business. Here are the reasons why patent registration is necessary:

Why Do You Need To Patent and/or Trademark That New Product?

  1. Protection and exclusivity:

The first reason to go for a patent registration is that it can offer protection and exclusivity to your business. As mentioned earlier, the patent disables the other companies to use or copy your invention. The patent office works in a way that if any other company infringes your license, then you will have to defend your patent with the help of civil rights.

  1. Additional revenue:

It is often considered to license your patent to other business. Even if it doesn’t make sense at first, it can be used to create a nice revenue stream. It is also possible to sell your patent to generate revenue from it if the product used for the invention is not giving good results.

  1. Better safe than sorry:

A patent if registered and a company tries to use your innovation to create a product; then you can use the right to make them stop. However, if you do not register for a patent, you will feel sorry for yourself when someone else takes your idea and creates something. You will be unable to do anything about your innovation being used by other company to make a product or a service.

As the points mentioned above state, it is essential to get a trademark registration in Turkey or your region. Registering for a patent enables a business to enjoy countless benefits. It is said ‘better late than never’ because it does not matter even if you have not registered your patent yet, because it is not however late to do so now. A patent is considered to be necessary because gives a business the right to protect their invention and elaborate their image in the society. Hence, making a patent registration is an excellent choice for the businesses and companies because a patent gives a business the ability to speak for its products. Go on and register today!

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