CEE countries going to have better monitoring of the cardiac patients

CEE countries

It is quite clear that the cases of cardiovascular diseases are increasing rapidly and in this case if the patient is diagnosed early, it is better. Therefore the providers of healthcare are quite conscious about providing perfect monitoring to the patients so that the disease can be prevented and if the disease takes place that can be diagnosed early and can be treated perfectly. It is also true that in Eastern and Central Europe the monitoring market of cardiac patients is undoubtedly saturating and the healthcare products are becoming commodities.

CEE countriesThe analyst of Frost & Sullivan Industry Dominika Grzywinska said, “The private facilities of healthcare are going to take an important role for expanding the monitoring of the cardiac patients in future. This will also help to postpone the saturation of the market which is increasing rapidly. The private healthcare facilities are getting a huge development rapidly.”

The market outlook of CEE cardiac monitoring of the patients found that in 2011 the revenues was $63.3 million which is expected to be get increased to $83.9 in the year 2016. Data management systems, ECG Holter monitors, event of cardiac recorders, ECG for stress, and electrocardiogram in Romania, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria are covered in this research.

The devices for the monitoring of the Cardiac patients like ECG units are transforming to a commodity in the space of CEE healthcare. Most of the facilities related to healthcare are filled up with such devices and because of this; the saturation in such great extent is taking place.

The development of the technologies has not been huge. Not a single solution which has a clinical value has been launched and because of this the potential of growth has come down in huge extent. The growth of the private healthcare development has been fast in countries like Romania, Poland, and Bulgaria and as a result of it, the demand of new devices of monitoring the cardiac patients has increased a lot more than before.

The price of the devices is going to be a crucial thing to consider. In spite of the quality of the device the price of it becomes quite important for a lot of patients. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good eye on the price of the devices related to healthcare such as cardiac monitoring.

Grzywinska said, “The vendors from Asia are doing better business in CEE market because they are producing the devices of same quality in much lesser price and those are becoming far more attractive to the customers for sure. This is causing saturation in the local market and it will eventually decrease the profit of the vendors in future.”

If the vendors try to compete with the price of the devices it will be a silly decision. It is better for the American and the European vendors to add more attractive features in the devices to attract the customers. They can provide more reliability in the maintenance of the devices which can be better for their business.

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