A Futon Mattress Can Impact Sleep, Mood, Quality Of Life

A Futon Mattress Can Impact Sleep, Mood, Quality Of Life

Ever heard: “Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, bath and a glass of wine”-Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Beds and sleep are the two most important factors which constitute on being one but have impact on the quality of life as well as mood. Assuming we survive to the age 80, we will be spending 26.4 years of this age sleeping – in bed. Beds are even more important when health and quality of life is concerned.

Do you have a bad back? There is always a best bed for bad back, can you know which one? And most significantly do you understand how a bad back can ruin not only your day but your mood? A bad bed on the other hand can be the undoing of a not so bad back.

Sometimes you choose the softest bed for extreme comfort, but what you forget is that, during sleep your body gets heavier, the soft bed allows a stiff link hiding in the spinal machinery to sag. Of course, a soft bed looks cuddly and welcoming, but a bed that is too soft will let you down as the night approaches.

A Futon Mattress Can Impact Sleep, Mood, Quality Of Life

A soft bed does not provide the support that’s needed by the spine, thus it contributes to causing a bad back. This further extends the other prospects involved in bringing more discomfort in the form of: bad health, bad mood, messed up routine and sleepless nights. That said, what is a best bed?

A good mattress is: a futon mattress. Futon beds are firm sleeping mattresses that don’t decompress spine and leave the body in the perfect alignment. Yes, people are too comfortable for sleeping on soft cushioning beds and believe that the level of comfort provided by all these bed types is good for the health-of course not.

Before we get into the details of a futon, let us discuss the details of a good bed.

What Are The Features Of A Good Bed For Back Pain?

What Actually Happens to The Back? – During the day the spine is in a stooped working posture, it crumples and as the body weighs down deeper and deeper, the lower most end of the spine becomes compressed. At night when you’re in the bed, the spine intervertebral disc recuperates and takes in water. This flow of fluid during the sleep keeps the discs well nourished and healthy-the fluid that’s lost during the day is recovered at night.

Despite the competency of the fluid exchange, the slow flow is one reason why the discs break down even earlier than the other body parts. You have to keep the spine rehydrated and repaired by keeping it nourished. And how do you do that?

A good bed! Your spine has to be properly aligned and you have to be in a good posture to recover your body from the overweighing of the day. A traditional Japanese futon is made of authentic cotton and is firm enough to keep your spine aligned correctly.

Authentic Japanese futons are hand-made by expert craftsmanship. They are filled and tailored with pure cotton fibers, thus they are lightweight and healthy. Cotton fibers allow complete air circulation so you don’t sweat at night and breathe easily. At the same time, the use of futon mattress is believed by locals to be the major health reason for them.

They say, less is better and a good mattress is actual is a no mattress! This clearly indicates how important it is to use firm mattresses for sleeping. Futon bed helps plumping the discs by morning.

So, What Specifically Should A Good Bed Do?

The best bed should allow you to lie flat and stretched out on your back. A bed that gives slight decompression and lets the body flop backwards, and allows the spine to increment along the mattress, is a good mattress. No other mattress is supportive enough but a futon mattress. Being best armed to take on the next day perfectly is all about a good bed. Let yourself experience a Japanese futon mattress and see the difference. Choose wisely!

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