Value Mags Considers Expanding Into Canada: Ideal Market

Ideal Market for student
Ideal Market for student

Value Mags is strongly considering expanding onto an international level because of the many opportunities. One of the greatest opportunities would be into universities but there are challenges that come along with that. The number one university that any brand whats to be associated with in Canada is the University of British Columbia. What makes it so hard for ValueMags to achieve that initiative? UBC is known for theirfores try programs and green initiatives. What are magazines? Cut down trees from their perspective.

Value Mags understands that the needs of students at UBC are valued and made a priority. The university’s student services are targeted to simplify the everyday life of students and to satisfy their needs. These needs include having a safe environment to learn and live in, personalized learning, opportunities to grow and succeed, environmental sustainable resources, a diversity of educational resources, financial aid, social events and gatherings, opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle, motivation to continue being environmental enthusiasts, etc. The best way to implement Value Mags magazines would be by converting to an online system, appealing to students as a sustainable Platform.

The students need a safe, sanitary and efficient environment to learn and live in. It’s very important that the environment is being taken care of and that the students are as safe as possible. This includes reducing energy and water usage, wastage, littering and ensuring that students have the opportunities to reuse and recycle. Proximity to trees or greenery will ensure cleaner air for the students to be breathing in. Value Mags understands that the safer their environment is, the more they can excel and succeed in their scholars as well as live a happier, healthier life style.

Having a diversity of educational resources, personalized learning and the opportunities to grow and succeed are crucial to the students present and future lives. Diverse career programs, activities, scholarships, tutors, libraries, learning centre and qualified teachers are needed at the hands of students. These resources can help motivate the students into working harder, help the students learn the most information possible to expand their horizons and encourage them to aim higher to reach their goals. The resources can include educational trips abroad, possible internship and job opportunities, involvement in school programs and events, etc.

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