Common Damage in Exhaust Systems

It should be quite easy whether we need a new muffler or not. Our mufflers will need to be replaced when the car is noisier than before. We can’t repair mufflers; because they sustain damage, rust out or wear out. In many cases, a complete replacement is our only alternative. Mufflers are now last longer and better engineered than old models. Unfortunately, not all mechanic’s shops are able to install new mufflers to your car. The most obvious place to find a replacement muffler is by going to the original car dealership. They should have all the required parts. However, with original parts; we may need to pay more. Even so, custom mufflers could still work well on many car models. Some mufflers are designed to allow the car engine to breathe in more air, giving you a noticeable boost in performance. Muffler is a component of the exhaust system and we should make sure that the replacement won’t void the warranty. Another thing to consider is that the muffler model has passed the emission testing, so we won’t face problem with similar tests in the future.

Catalytic converters are another essential part of the car’s emission system. It is designed to reduce the toxicity of emission gasses. However, we should know that catalytic converters will eventually fail and one of the common reasons for this situation is due to clogging. A common sign of clogged converters is that our car doesn’t accelerate properly. Catalytic converters could also rust and this could be indicated by the smell of exhaust fumes inside the passengers compartment and noisier exhaust system. This component is often located behind the front seats and just under the divider. In general, emission problem is often caused by malfunction in various emission system components. In some cars, catalytic converters are welded, but in other models; they are bolted on. Even so, experienced mechanics should be able to replace faulty catalytic converters. Pipes that lead from the catalytic converters to the muffler often rust out and it may need to be replaced as well. The muffler connection could also rust due to tailpipes.

Hangers may also break eventually. We may need brand new hangers; if the exhaust system drags under the car or lower than normal. In many cases, exhaust system repair is a low-cost task and we should be able to perform it relatively quickly. If some of our exhaust system is dragged under the car; damage will eventually occur. Constant friction with the road surface and pavement could also cause spark and even fire. The lifespan of the exhaust system will also be longer if the exhaust system is kept dry during wet seasons. Cars that are driven only a few miles each day tend to have rusty exhaust system. When we warm up the car during the wet season, pipes will be filled with moisture. Only by enough heating period, moisture can be removed completely from the exhaust system. If we let the exhaust system to stay humid, it may tend to rust out and damage will occur progressively.

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