Autumn Wedding Ideas

Wedding is the happiest day in one couple’s relationship. It is the day when they celebrate their love and devotion to each other, and they wish to share this moment with their friends and family. In the past, spring weddings were always a big hit, and then up until a few years ago, June proved to be the month with the most wedding parties. However, times changed. Today more and more couples decide on having their special day in autumn, because of beautiful colors characteristic of this season. If you and your loved one have chosen autumn wedding, here are some tips on what you need to pay special attention to, and ideas on how to decorate appropriately with this time of year.


Before thinking about small things like decorations, you need to choose a place where to have your wedding. Since this period from September until the end of November is quite unpredictable and you never know what the weather is going to be like, it is hard to decide on where to have your party. If some of you always wanted to have an outdoor wedding, do not give up on the idea under the assumption that it is going to rain because it is autumn. What you should do is find a venue that has both a beautiful yard and an amazing interior, so that this way you would have two options. Another possibility is to book a hall that has glass walls. You will be safe inside and you would not have to worry about moving the party in the middle of the day, but at the same time, you will have a beautiful view of the nature.

Bride And Groom

Traditionally, bride is supposed to wear a long white dress and a groom – a formal black suit. Even though in most of the weddings couples decided to  dress by these conventions, today we can encounter something different, as a lot of brides wear grey, champagne and ivory dresses, and grooms pick out any kind of suit they like. Since the colors of the leaves vary from light yellowish and brown to some kind of burgundy, you can choose to dress in one of those colors, but on the other hand you could find some shades that go well with this surrounding, like red, green or olive. There are some wonderful photos from all kinds of autumn weddings, especially from wedding photography Melbourne, so you can get some amazing ideas for capturing your own wedding day moments.


Wedding is all about the little details. You do not even know how much there is to think about until you start planning your own – chair and table decorations, floral displays, carpets, drapes and many more. Consider putting white cloths on the tables, with brown and gold details, that would match the chairs of the same brown shade. The centerpieces on tables should consist of red flowers, so they would brighten up the place and bring a little color to the table. The drapes and carpets should also have maroon details, as this particular shade of red will give the room warmer feeling. Plates and cutlery in color might be harder to find and cost you a bit more, but if you want every detail to be perfect, you could try to find olive green plates with golden motifs.


As in the autumn the sun sets much earlier, you will have that romantic atmosphere, but you will have to think about the lighting anyway. Holidays are not here yet, but small yellow Christmas lights on the walls will look beautiful in combination with all the other autumn-inspired decorations. You can also conceder using candlesticks on the tables, and have all the other lights dimmed. On the other hand if you are lucky enough to have warm Autumn night wedding, you can put little white lights on high on three branches, that will look like stars in the sky.

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