Top 5 Most Popular Sports Played In The World

Sports are massively played in the world by a majority of the people whether it is for recreation, passion, or a hobby. A competitive and physical game that requires manual actions is known as a sport. The variety of sports is innumerable. It can be played individually or in a team.

Here, in this article, we have compiled the list of the best and the most popular sports in the world.

Association Football

Association Football or soccer has almost 4 Billion fans all around the world. Soccer has the world’s most fan following, and significant leagues are also held to entertain the fans. Two teams each having 11 players take part in the game of Soccer. The goal is to tackle the football and throw it in the relevant goalpost. The fact is, each player can dribble the ball using their feet only. Making contact with hands or any other part of the body is considered to be a foul. The first competition and championships include the FIFA and the UEFA series.


Cricket has approximately 2.8 million fans across the globe. It was a game created by the Englishmen, and currently, every major country in the world plays cricket. Two teams having 11 players each plays the game. More players can be added as a substitute, and the unit can be maximized till a total of 15 players. The players include bowlers and batsmen. This association has promoted top platforms to find cricket betting tips and a lot more.World Cup is the first competitive championship that is related to the Cricket game. Almost all the national teams take part in the World Cup including Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, etc. The game is won by the team who accomplishes to score more runs than the other one.

Field Hockey

Field Hockey has around 2 billion fans all around the world. The dominant influence of hockey is up to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. India has declared Hockey as their national game. The game is played by two teams constituting of 11 players each. The goal of Hockey is similar to that of association football, but instead of using feet, the players use a hockey stick instead The major event categorized to hockey is the Hockey Champions Trophy. The Hockey Champions Trophy is one of the many International Events of Hockey.  There’s also a thing called horse based hockey and it is basically played majorly in India to promote Bet365, Betway, and others


Tennis has approximately 1 billion fans all around the globe. Two individuals take part and compete in the game of Tennis. The players attempt to hit a ball across the net with their rackets. Whoever fails to hit the ball with the racket, loses a point. The player with the fastest 21 points wins the match.


Volleyball is a beach sport and has a maximum of 900 Million fans all over the world. Individuals, as well as teams, can play them. The concept is the same as Tennis, but instead of rackets, the player uses their hands. This sport was invented in the US by William G. Morgan in 1895.

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