A Guide To Student Accommodation In Newcastle

Although it may seem like ages off, now is actually the best time to be finding student accommodation. The best deals are around, at this time of year, there’s far more choice, not as many people are looking and so many other great reasons. With this in mind, here’s a guide to student accommodation in Newcastle.

What’s the main criteria for student accommodation Newcastle?

Whilst it may sound a boring answer, peace of mind should be your main criteria when it comes to choosing Newcastle student accommodation.

Unlike most students, who will say ‘cost’, peace of mind is far better in the long run.

Think about it – peace of mind means you are dealing with reputable people, about reliable properties and with excellent ethical business practices.

Specialist Newcastle student accommodation providers such as Findspace, with their 5 star reviews from tenants, immediately give prospective student tenants peace of mind.

What’s the alternative? Sadly, you don’t be like those other students who have problems with their accommodation, do you? Those who lose their deposits, have hidden charges or fees, or properties in questionable states of repair.

There are companies and rogue landlords out there, who regrettably prey on naive students when it comes to accommodation, and often over-charge them whilst delivering a very poor service.

Now you can see why now is the time to act to find student accommodation in Newcastle, before it’s too late and there’s no other options for student accommodation other than these dodgy landlords.

By using a reputable company, one with trustworthy reviews and an excellent reputation, will also help you settle into your student accommodation and also bring peace of mind to your family and friends at home.

What other factors are important for student accommodation in Newcastle?

In addition to peace of mind, important factors you need to be reassured about when looking for student accommodation in Newcastle are :-


Of course, we all know students are far from rich and need to look after their money. So, look for a student accommodation provider in Newcastle that offers the most competitive rates, for example around £65 pow is a good starting rate.


Traditionally, student accommodation is often in private houses that have a bad reputation for upkeep and maintenance. Look for a reputable provider who only offers a quality standard of accommodation, ideally offering :-

  • TV provided
  • Broadband ready
  • modern kitchens and bathrooms
  • double beds
  • next-day repairs
  • security lights
  • double glazing and central heating throughout

No Upfront fees

Understand that many student accommodation providers are agencies, so have ‘on costs’ that they pass onto tenants. This not only increases the rent cost, but also can result in upfront rent to pay ‘in hand’ and hefty deposits.

It is possible to find student accommodation in Newcastle without any of these additional financial burdens, and often with a low deposit as well as no agency fees or upfront rent.

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