Take The Stress Out Of Travel Prep

Whether you are packing for a family vacation or your next business trip, packing can be a real headache. A little pre-planning can help. The following information can will take the stress out of the entire process, and you may find a new way of looking at the project too.


Whether you travel by car or plane, you only have so much space available for your wardrobe. Fewer pieces will take up less space, but how do you cut back while still having everything you might need? Pack a 3-in-1 jacket that can go from a light shell to a full-fledged winter coat. Choose pants and skirts in basic black that will match anything as well as go from casual to dress easily. Layer tops in coordinating colors. For example, women can choose a tank top, t-shirt, and long sleeved button front shirt that all match. These three pieces can be worn separately or layered for numerous different looks.

Prep the Car

This step sounds like you are adding to your prep work, but it can actually be the best thing you can do before leaving home. Whether you only need to make it to the nearest airport or this will be you main vehicle throughout the trip, you want your car to be safe and comfortable. Comfort comes from a clean, well-maintained vehicle. Wash the car and wipe down interior surfaces. Have the vehicle checked for any potential problems at your local garage. If you are looking for an auto repair shop Carpentersville IL has many to choose from such as Discount Mufflers, Brakes, and Automotive.

Daily Tote Bags

This tip works for everyone, but if you have children travelling with you, it can be a life saver. Rather than packing like items together, pack individual bags for each day. Think about where you will be on any given day and pack accordingly. For example, if you’ll be at the beach on Monday, pack a bag marked “Monday” loaded with things like sunscreen, towels, and sunglasses. If Tuesday is a day spent back in the car, make a “Tuesday” bag filled with books and magazines for adults and small toys and coloring books to keep the kids entertained.

Now that you have a fresh new outlook on packing, you may have a more enjoyable experience the next time you are getting ready for the family vacation or business trip. Keep your clothing cut back to the basics, have the car checked, and think ahead to each day of your trip to make packing simple.

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